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Interview: IYULA

Interview: IYULA

Artist Name: IYULA Tell us something about you that fans should know: Ещё в детстве свои сокровенные мысли девушка укладывала в четверостишия под звуки старого фоно, и доверяла их только диктофону, а сейчас она смело готова поделиться своими эмоциями со всем миром.... read more
Interview: Quan 3X

Interview: Quan 3X

Artist Name: Quan 3X Tell us something about you that fans should know: Im different is all i kan say for me Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there? Im from da lab Nd its sum buzz How have your life experiences influenced your music? Yeah for... read more

Interview: Lil Dion

Artist Name: Lil Dion New Song/Release Title: Cartier Frames Tell us something about you that fans should know: Im a fresh of breathe air, I honestly feel like im a unique artist and if given the chance I can change the world and/or cause a huge impact on the rap... read more

Interview: PRAXiiS

Artist Name: PRAXiiS New Song/Release Title: Love Me Right Tell us something about you: We make we make electronic music together, it is v fun. We inspire each other to be better all the time. The Brooklyn house scene was super lit before the pandemic, and we're... read more

Interview: Skoopapa

Artist Name: Skoopapa New Song/Release Title: Freak how Tell us something about you: Original, Real, and the life of the party. Coming out of Orlando Florida where its lit weird and wicked. I live what I sing and rap about I grew up in poverty so you can hear my pin... read more

Interview: Kryztof

Artist Name: Kryztof New Song/Release Title: Synchronicity (Nomad Groove records) Tell us something about you: I’m a dj since more than 20 years around the globe, owner & manager of Nomad Groove records. I already signed more than 200 tracks on Beatport with... read more

Interview: FBZ

Artist Name: FBZ New Song/Release Title: LLD Tell us something about you: I am a young artist who just wants to put out relatable music for everyone. I’m from Arizona and music is a big part of where I am from. There are a ton of local bands and rappers that... read more

Interview: DVMA

Artist Name: DVMA Latest Release: For Your Love “Gangsta Romantic. In a time in Hip Hop when women are told not to care, to take what you can get and not catch feelings, I CATCH FEELINGS. Me and a lot of the women i grew up with are the type of women who will... read more
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