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Artist Name: Robse2k

Who are you?

Music is my passion since a very young age. However, most of my life I prefered to keep most of my music to myself until I started producing more and more, what also led to me adding my music to spotify and all other platforms, where, with a little luck, I started growing a small fanbse that is rising every day.

Anyway, what I love about music has nothing to do specifically with business. I love what I do and I only make music that I love myself. That is the only way for me to make good music. But since a possible carreer and success doesn´t come over night, I try to promote myself now and then, even if it´s not my favorite thing. But I also know that I have to challenge myself and that I need feedback from other artists and music lovers to grow as an artist.

Where are you from?

I am originally from a small town in Germany, and the ´biggest´ and only real music scene there consists of local bands. For anything else you go to clubs and concerts in near big cities where you can find pretty much every music genre.
Now I am living and studying in a bigger city in Austria, with a very wide music scene and a lot of music culture. Music has old roots here and you can find many many different festivals concerts and lots of local artists such as me.

How can we follow you?

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Song Title: For Life

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