SUPREME{PR} Organic SoundCloud Promotion and Reposts

Organic SoundCloud Promotion

  1. We pitch your song to our network of influencers.
  2. They repost your music to millions of followers.
  3. Followers listen and engage. 

Organic SoundCloud Streams

  1. We place your song in playlists and repost it to give it exposure. 
  2. Followers listen to it and engage with it. 
  3. We continue to promote it until we have reached the minimum streams ordered. 
How do Organic SoundCloud Promotions work?

Below we explain our approach to each type of promotion we offer.

How do SoundCloud Reposts work?

We circulate your track amongst our network of SoundCloud Influencers, all of whom boast impressive followings ranging from 10k to 500k. These influencers then repost your music to their followers, giving your track considerable exposure. By using our organic SoundCloud reposts service, you’re set to increase audience engagement significantly.

The performance of the track is directly proportional to its quality. You can keep tabs on your engagements through SoundCloud Pulse or Notifications. Reposts remain active for a period of 48 hours. For an idea of a repost schedule, click here.


What’s the role of SoundCloud reposts in my music’s success? We provide your music with an initial audience exposure boost, establishing the “first wave” of engagement that could be challenging to achieve otherwise. The following journey relies on you and your music’s appeal.

How long will reposts stay up? SoundCloud reposts stay active for 48 hours. Post this period, reposts tend to move down the stream and lose visibility. Removal ensures that an influencer’s channel stays fresh and avoids overcrowding.

Can a single SoundCloud reposts promotion make my music go viral? The reality is, viral success rarely comes from a single promotion. We value honesty and prefer setting realistic expectations. Think along the lines of “Brand Building” rather than “Instant Fame.”

Will labels notice my music with SoundCloud reposts? Keeping your brand consistently in the limelight while producing high-quality music is the best way to catch labels’ attention. Labels seek authentic artists with well-established brands who use organic SoundCloud reposts promotion and maintain a strong presence across all platforms.

Can I have access to your influencer channels? Regrettably, no. Our network has been years in the making.

What does a million reposts mean? This figure denotes the total number of followers your song is shared with. It doesn’t imply that a million influencers will repost your track.

Can I distribute an order between different songs? An order can be split among multiple songs, with a minimum of 1 million SoundCloud reposts promotion per song. So, the least order that can be divided between two songs is 2 million reposts.

Can I alter the link to my song? Unfortunately, no. SoundCloud reposts promotions cannot be redirected. However, you can modify the title or other meta-data, as long as it doesn’t affect the link.

What if my music doesn’t resonate with anyone? If we’re unable to get a SoundCloud repost chain to accept your track, we will refund your money in full.

How Does Organic SoundCloud Influencer Promotion Work?

Your track is shared within our Organic SoundCloud Promotion Influencer network, where each influencer boasts a significant following, ranging from 10k to 500k. These influencers proceed to repost your song, exposing it to their extensive follower base.

Followers are then at liberty to play, like, comment on, or further repost your track. The quality of your track directly influences its performance level. Your engagement metrics can be conveniently tracked via SoundCloud Pulse or Notifications.

Reposts remain live for a span of 48 hours. For a clearer understanding of a repost schedule, click here.

How Do You Gain Organic SoundCloud Plays?

Our organic SoundCloud promotion strategy utilizes popular playlists and fangates to increase your SoundCloud plays. We ensure high placements across various playlists based on your order, which is entirely organic and targeted. The streams are primarily from the US (90%) and EU (10%).

We leverage reposts and playlists to secure organic SoundCloud plays for your music. High placement positions on multiple playlists are strategically used to maximize the number of streams, as songs positioned higher on playlists tend to gather more plays. Our organic SoundCloud plays strategy is genre-targeted, focusing primarily on audiences in the US and EU. While we guarantee a minimum number of streams as per your order, it’s likely you’ll receive more than expected.

Although we don’t provide specific links to playlists or reposts for this type of organic SoundCloud promotion, you can easily track the progress via your stats and on SoundCloud Pulse. (See reposts if you require specific links.)

How Do You Gain Organic SoundCloud Followers?

Leverage our popular fangates to gain genuine, organic SoundCloud followers. Unlike 99% of the “follower” services out there which provide fake followers, ours are 100% real. You can examine their profiles and witness the quality. Engage, trade reposts, and start building your community.

Through our popular Fangates, you’ll gain:

Real SoundCloud followers. Approximately 1000 new followers every week. 24/7 growth of your follower base. Fully organic, music-loving individuals.

FAQs Are these SoundCloud followers real individuals who could become fans? Yes, through our premium SoundCloud promotion, you’ll gain organic followers—real individuals who’ve downloaded music from our fangates and opted to follow you. They’ll start receiving your music in their streams, and it’s up to you to engage with them, creating a vibrant community. This is your pathway to transforming followers into “Superfans.”

Will new followers instantly like my music? New followers aren’t instant “fans,” and may not interact with your tracks immediately. It’s your job to engage them by sharing excellent music, reciprocating their follows, commenting on their posts, and initiating conversations. This is how you convert followers into “Superfans.”

How long does it take to gain followers? Once the campaign commences, anticipate gaining about 1000 followers each week.

Why are followers important? Followers represent the most crucial metric in establishing your brand.

How can I monitor the progress of a followers’ campaign? You can observe new followers joining your community via the SoundCloud Pulse app or in Notifications on the website.

Can I modify the link to my profile post-order? No, the promotion can’t be redirected. Changing the title or other metadata is permissible, but altering anything that affects the link is not.