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“You have to believe in yourself.” – Sun Tzu


“You have to believe in yourself.”
– Sun Tzu

The Supreme Team facilitates engagement on streaming platforms.


A Certain Respectability

There is a reason labels and artists from around the world trust us. We only work with influencers that are respected in the industry. Our chains are full of successful artists with large networks. These are the same repost chains that made Post, Chance and Peep famous.

What We do

Organic SoundCloud Promotion

Listener Reach

Followers Gained

Streams Gained

Organic SoundCloud Promotion
Organic Spotify Promotion
Organic TikTok Promotion



Interview: Chitra Dassapa

Artist Name: Chitra Dassapa New Song/Release Title: Silk City New Love x Missing U x Electricity (Chitra Remix) How would you describe yourself as an artist? As a singer, string player, and producer, I like to say I have the ability to create a variety of genres. I love making remixes, sampling...

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Interview: DVMA

Artist Name: DVMA Latest Release: For Your Love https://soundcloud.com/dvma/for-your-love "Gangsta Romantic. In a time in Hip Hop when women are told not to care, to take what you can get and not catch feelings, I CATCH FEELINGS. Me and a lot of the women i grew up with are the type of women who...

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Interview: LilSav28

Artist Name: LilSav28 Latest Release: $avFlow "I’m a very turnt artist, I like to have fun with my craft and have people on their feet." The track? $avFlow is one of those songs that you can turn up to. The beat is amazing but r.i.p to it because i killed the beat. Dream collaboration? NLE Choppa...

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Supreme Team VIP Treatment

Build your brand and grow your audience with a monthly Supreme Team VIP subscription.

  • 1 Song Promoted Each Month
  • 5 Million SoundCloud Reposts
  • 250+ SoundCloud Influencers
  • 1000 New SoundCloud Followers
  • SoundCloud Playlist Placements
  • 1000 Streams Spotify Placements
  • 500 New Spotify Followers
  • Monthly Interview Feature
  • Written Review Every 2 Months
  • Press Release 80+ News Website Every 2 Months
  • Search engine promotion.
  • Flexible promotion schedules
  • Plan can be customized

USD $325.00 USD $293.00 / month


4th March 2021

The Supreme Team interviews urban artists in Hip-Hop and Electronic music over the world. We promote our interviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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