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Here are example results from a recent client after 3 days of heavy promotion. 

Soundcloud Influencer Reposts

With this service you pick the level of promotion you would like to achieve. Our Soundcloud Influencers will repost your song to their followers until your promotion goal is reached. We will also post your music on our fangates to elevate your engagement ratio. This is the best way to expose your music to large numbers of real music fans and gain real engagements including likes, comments and fan reposts. No Bots, no Bullshit.

  •  Reposts by Soundcloud Influencers to their followers
  •  Gain new likes, comments and shares
  •  We guarantee USA plays and engagement
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Soundcloud Plays

With this service you pick the level of plays you would like to gain. We keep promoting your song until you reach your goal. (This service may require song  approval after order. If we choose not to promote your song we will refund your payment.) 

  •  Plays from SupremePR Fangate Traffic
  •  We Guarantee Plays
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Soundcloud and Spotify Followers

This service will help you generate real Soundcloud or Spotify followers who are fans of other artists similar to you. You can check their profiles to see and follow their followers. Engage with them and share music. Your number of followers is the single most important statistic in building your fanbase as they allow you to build your fans in multiples rather than one listener at a time.

SupremePR uses our Fangates to get music fans to follow you. As they are downloading another similar artist, we present them with your song and profile and give them the option to engage with you in exchange for a download or another incentive. It is a pure targeted transaction that can only occur with a giant network of music fans. It is promotional gold. 

The price is per 1000 followers. Each additional quantity is for 1000 more followers. Please, note that this service takes time to generate these numbers. Expect 2 weeks per 1000 followers you order.

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    Email, Website and Blog Campaigns

    These campaigns provide promotion via mass mainstream media for a full media blitz (with some extras thrown in.) Combined with organic Soundcloud promotions, these PR services create the buzz you need to fill out your EPK with real world press while elevating your worldwide recognition as an artist. This combination creates a powerful storm of publicity. Basically, we become your real PR team for a full month. (click titles for more details)

    • Write premium press release
    • 275+ press release sites published
    • Distribution to ABC, FOX, CBS, and other networks
    • Google News & Bing News guaranteed inclusion
    • Submission to 2,000 media outlets world-wide
    • Submissions to 1500 top quality directories
    • Music Industry Database with 9000+ contacts
    • 100 blog site submissions
    • You will receive distribution confirmation reports
    • Campaign takes about 30 days
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    Production Services

    Marketing is important, but if your product doesn’t stand up against the competition, you are wasting money. We offer these services to ensure your songs are ready for primetime. (click on the titles for more detail)

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    Services Overview

    We understand how hard it can be to get Soundcloud streams and engagement from real music fans. Our network has generated more than 100 Million Organic Streams for our clients. The SupremePR formula for a successful promotional campaign utilizes Music Influencers, Soundcloud Algorithms, SEO, and Mass Media driven traffic. We offer our services individually or as a packaged campaign.

    20 Million Repost Network

    Reposts from influencers are the absolute best way to reach real people and get them to lisen. We provide distribution across a massive network of 20 million fans who will listen to your song.  If it’s good, they will like, repost and comment. 

    Grammy Producer Feedback

    We offer a production assessment from a Grammy award nominated producer. This is sometimes hard to read, but if you are serious about getting to the next level, it is invaluable. 

    Soundcloud Algorithms

    We are Soundcloud nerds who understand the algorithms for related songs, stations, and ultimately curated playlists. This is the holy grail of Soundcloud. Your stats, reputation and profile activity will get you there. 

    A Real PR Agency

    We effectively become your PR agents for the term of your promotion. With a 30 day package you get ongoing scheduled reposts by influencers and ongoing social media hype.

    Big-time Press Release

    We will professionally write and publish a press release to 275+ news and entertainment websites including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates. This is what the real PR firms offer.

    Social Media Traffic

    We can do a broad social media push to improve traffic to your Soundcloud profile from Facedbook, Instagram, and Twitter. This traffic is critical to your profile for Soundcloud’s algorithms to pick up your tracks. 

    SEO Experts

    People need to be able to find you.  As SEO experts, we can provide SEO back-linking from relevant articles on high Google PageRank (PR) pages to increase your profile’s importance on Soundcloud. 

    Email Blasts

    We can blast your campaign via email to over 100k verified Soundcloud users including Fans, Record Labels and Music Industry Professionals. Email marketing is highly effective for driving your sales.  


    Be Your Own #1 Fan

    Almost every producer/musician has at least one Soundcloud hit inside them. What they frequently don’t have is the dicipline to sit down and create it. Make a great record and you already win by having accomplished something you can be proud of. If you are your Number One Fan, you can convince other people that you’re great, too. If you can’t be your own Number One Fan, don’t expect anyone else on Soundcloud to be.

    Create a Unique Soundcloud Brand

    If nobody knows who you are, they can’t search for you. You need to create your brand and you need to inject yourself into the Soundcloud community. This is a huge part of the responsibility of the artist or the act. You don’t just market a track, you market yourself, and this begins long before that unforgettable beat is introduced to bouncing crowds worldwide. What does it mean to create a brand for yourself? Define who you are as an artist and reflect that in everything you do. Push that image consistently. People need to recognize you, recognize your brand.

    Work With SupremePR

    Work with a PR company that understands all aspects of artist marketing, like SupremePR. Your music has a ton of potential, but probably does not have the exposure it deserves. If you want to get real media coverage, written reviews, mass streams, and wide influencer reach for any of your songs, Supreme PR can help.

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