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Published by The Supreme Team on May 16, 2024

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Artist Name: Yungalfr3dosauce

Who are you?

As far when i was still living in kalamazoo michigan(in my old hood) i always could make things rhyme even if it didn't make sense at first,i was hearing all the upcoming/hottest rappers out like Migos,lil uzi vert,kodak black,xxxtentacion,and etc

I am an upcoming artist along wit my bro d3 mane,

YAS da new wave all day/dis year,i started making music on bandlab which is Yungalfr3dosauce

People have said i somewhat sound like Yeat in some songs,but i have many different types of differnt tracks Or our most poppin track Dem NIGHTS -penthouse shordy remix by Dom Corleo

and instrumentals that have ppl like Playboi Carti in them, are fye type beats

Where are you from?

I am from kalamazoo michigan,park street if you wanna get specific,if you know you know
I'd say michigan is very diverse in music,mostly rap doe,like in Detroit we got that style of rap,some artist like Teejayx6,kasher quon,and etc

How can we follow you?

My linktree is where you can find my instigram,tiktok,souncloud,youtube,spotify,apple music,twitter,and etc

Song Title: Straight to da dubs

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