Universal King

by | May 17, 2024

Published by The Supreme Team on May 17, 2024

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Artist Name: Universal King

Who are you?

Well me personally, I am someone who is very Lyrically Lyrical and gifted with my pen and paper, I have no issues with anyone using their phones but I'm very old school I still write in a note pad. Seeing the words on a piece of paper gives me visions and ideas I don't calculate every word or every syllable I calculate every letter in every verse that I write. I been doing this for only 3 years and honestly I been studying the game for over 25 years I bleed Hip hop no joke. I grew up on listening to Ice Cube – DMX- Nate Dogg – Big Pun – Eminem – Lil Wayne – Immortal Technique – Hopsin – Dax – Snoop – Ludacris – T.I – Gucci Mane – Young Jeezy – Dipset – Wu Tang – Nelly – Etc So what I did is create my own style and my own lane. I have a unique and different approach to every song that I record and I never waste any song I put my 10000% into every song I create I don't have any song that I can say yo that one ain't good enough because I spend countless hours into my preparation and my dedication and motivation for every single song. I'm not going to lie to me I have the Greatest Producer in the city (obviously people can say he or she is better) but in my eyes he does everything perfectly perfect and we got amazing chemistry so big Shout out to my producer BAMIS. Big shout my little brother "Mr Shawn James" to me he is the most gifted artist I've seen personally and I got started because he pushed me to hit the studio and start recording once he saw my pen game. I started doing music with my brother and he was always there to support me and guide me in the game. He's been a huge help along my musical journey. Plus my brother Isaac who is there at the studio with me on every new song that I go and record, he been pushing me to get better and better on every song that I go to record. Big shout out my brothers Shawn and Isaac and my producer BAMIS or as I call him "Montreal's Dr Dre" hahaha.

Where are you from?

I'm From Montreal – Quebec – Canada. The Hip Hop scene is amazingly big here honestly a lot of people love Hip Hop and other genre as well. We are very Multi-Cultural as a city here in Montreal. There are lots of artists as well. Shout out to every artist in the city there's not a crumb of hate in me I show love and support to all artists doing their thing weather it's English or French big shout out to every single artist grinding and putting in work.

How can we follow you?

Anyone willing to hear my music and connect with me personally is mostly on Instagram "RealUniversalKing" plus on Spotify it's what I use the most these days. I'm very open minded so if anyone who listens to my music want to talk to me personally just hit me up on Instagram and I'll connect with you any time any day directly. I appreciate and show love to everyone who ever listened to any of my tracks or that supports me along the way weather its from Day 1 or just starting to discover me I love all of you thank you I appreciate it so much. All my music is for the people from 1 year old to 99 years old haha no age cathegory everyone is welcome to hear my music. God bless all of you guys thank you once again.

Song Title: Boyfriend

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