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Published by The Supreme Team on June 15, 2022

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Artist Name: NRM

Who are you?

I come from a rough background… Music always been my therapy, My music will Definitely give something Real and Very Diverse !I think the way I was raised , my experiences have a huge role and influence in the style of music Music i make today… hoping to flip you into a fan!
Coz the music don't dissappoint! One Love
@nrm_sa #Groovws#conscious #soul#Hiphop#rnb

Where are you from?

From Durban South Africa The motherland… Music is growing Rapidly and Hiphop is Really starting to make its way mainstream

How can we follow you?

Checkout: @nrm_sa (ig)
or email: [email protected]

Song Title: We Hurt People

Listen to NRM: