Ben Techy

by | Mar 26, 2023

Published by The Supreme Team on March 26, 2023

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Artist Name: Ben Techy

Who are you?

Often found in the studio, Ben is always working on a new release, dedicating himself to pushing the boundaries beyond his own comforts. Having already signed to leading labels in the industry, Ben has shown his whole hearted passion and devotion to the techno community with no sign of stopping. Coming from a DJ background of sweaty warehouse afterparties and illegal raves, Ben is certified in keeping energies high and feet moving. From prominent and acclaimed clubs to canal boats on the Thames and abandoned industrial estates, he is always seeking to create new experiences while sharing his story through music.

Where are you from?

Ben Techy is a Scottish-born hard techno DJ/producer who has made a name for himself in the underground dance music scene from his aggressive and hard hitting sound. Drawing on a wide range of influences from classic rave anthems to industrial noise and schranz, he has begun to carve out and define his sound into what it is today.

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Song Title: Hardcore Power (Ben Techy Remix)

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