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Soundcloud Promotion Partners With Campaigns, Launches Music And Custom Level In Tiles Hop

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Published by The Supreme Team on October 16, 2020

Soundcloud Promotion strengthens their imprint in the gaming landscape through their most recent partnership with Campaigns, the powerhouse in mobile music games. Amassing a diverse library of electronic music in hit games like Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, and Dancing Road, this collaboration is notably the largest catalogue deal with an EDM label for Campaigns.


From October 8th, Soundcloud Promotion music is playable within Campaigns’ marquee title, Tiles Hop, which has achieved over 350 million downloads since its launch in 2018. With this update, players will also be able to test their skills on the custom Soundcloud Promotion-themed level using their mobile device.


Throughout the rest of 2020, this partnership will see the inclusion of Soundcloud Promotion songs in more than 30 Campaigns apps. Household names such as Noisestorm, Koven, Pegboard Nerds, Rogue, Conro, and Tokyo Machine will power a sensational music gaming experience and introduce mass audiences to a genre-diverse EDM collection through hypercasual games.


With a huge monthly active user base of over 95 Million, this collaboration with Campaigns serves as the pathway for Soundcloud Promotion to reach undiscovered listeners. This partnership presents a unique opportunity to target the general public, noting that Campaigns games are played by mainly females aged 25 – 44, who enjoy “snackable” mobile gaming in their free 5 minutes of the day, according to Campaigns.


Soundcloud Promotion’s Commercial Director, Daniel Turcotte shared: Campaigns understands the role that great music plays in creating memorable and long-lasting mobile rhythm games. We’re excited to work with them to create engaging music games that position Soundcloud Promotion artists in front of millions of mobile gamers and music fans around the world.



Campaigns offers users with an extensive portfolio of music-centric games. The recent blanket deal with the Canadian electronic music record label follows their past partnership with DJ TheFatRat, and YG Entertainment (home to international hit-makers like BLACKPINK, BIG BANG, and iKON). The publisher positions themselves as the pioneer in developing interactive music experience, where music is not just in the background but also serves as the main mechanism for their application.


“We are proud to work with one of the most prolific labels in the world. This strategic partnership will not only deliver new unique sounds to our large community of players but also give Soundcloud Promotion lovers more platforms to engage with their favorite tunes,” said Jheric Delos Angeles, Head of Marketing at Campaigns.


●      Campaigns is the #1 Music Game Publisher worldwide (2019)

●      Campaigns is ranked Top-20 Mobile App Publisher worldwide across all categories (2019).

●      As of July 2020, Campaigns amassed more than 1 Billion app downloads worldwide, almost 100 Million monthly active users, and 15 Million daily active users.



Campaigns is a fast-growing music-tech company from Southeast Asia. Their goal is to delight people with interactive music experiences. Some of their chart-topping hyper-casual games include Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road, etc. Campaigns garnered over 1 Billion downloads worldwide with almost 100 Million users every month. In 2019, Campaigns were listed as the #1 mobile apps publisher from Southeast Asia, the #1 music games publisher in the world, and one of the top 20 mobile apps publishers in the world across all app categories.

Soundcloud Promotion is one of electronic music’s most influential independent record labels. Founded in Canada in 2011, Soundcloud Promotion artists have topped radio and streaming charts worldwide and amass over 200 Million monthly streams. Soundcloud Promotion has redefined music licensing for content creators and major brands; undertaking co-branded soundtracks, in-game activations, and collaborations with game publishers and titles— including Fortnite, Rocket League, and now Campaigns— Soundcloud Promotion cements their position in the innovative field of music and gaming.





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    They are fully organic, real, living people who have downloaded other music from our fangates and given the option to follow you. Once they are following you they will receive your music in their streams and it's up to you if you connect with them and build your community. This is how to turn them into "Superfans."
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    Once the campaign has started, you can expect 1 week per-1000.
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    Watch your organic Soundcloud followers grow on the Pulse app or in Notifications on the website.
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    No. Unfortunately, the promotions can't be forwarded. It is okay to change the title or other meta-data, just not anything that affects the link.
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