The Art of Tagging: Boosting Discoverability Through Keywords

by | Feb 22, 2024

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Published by The Supreme Team on February 22, 2024

Tagging your tracks effectively on SoundCloud is essential for boosting discoverability and reaching your target audience. Here’s how to master the art of tagging:

  1. Be Specific: Use specific keywords that accurately describe the style, mood, and genre of your music. Avoid generic terms and be as detailed as possible to attract the right listeners.
  2. Include Genre Tags: Tag your tracks with relevant genre keywords to help listeners find your music when browsing by genre. Consider both primary genres and any sub-genres that apply to your music.
  3. Use Descriptive Tags: Think about the characteristics of your music, such as tempo, instrumentation, vocals, and lyrical themes. Incorporate descriptive tags that highlight these elements and give listeners a clear idea of what to expect.
  4. Consider Influences: If your music is influenced by specific artists, bands, or musical movements, include tags related to those influences. This can help attract fans of similar music who may be interested in your sound.
  5. Location Tags: If your music is tied to a specific location or scene, consider including location-based tags. This can help you connect with local listeners and communities who are interested in supporting local artists.
  6. Be Strategic: Research popular and trending tags within your genre and incorporate them into your tagging strategy. This can help increase the visibility of your tracks and attract more listeners.
  7. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tags to see which ones yield the best results in terms of engagement and discovery. Monitor the performance of your tracks and adjust your tagging strategy accordingly.
  8. Stay Relevant: Regularly update your tags to reflect changes in your music style, releases, or audience preferences. This ensures that your tracks remain relevant and continue to attract listeners over time.
  9. Avoid Over-Tagging: While it’s important to include relevant tags, avoid over-tagging your tracks with excessive or unrelated keywords. This can lead to your music being categorized incorrectly or flagged as spam, which can harm your visibility on the platform.
  10. Track Analytics: Use SoundCloud’s analytics tools to track the performance of your tagged keywords and see which ones are driving the most traffic to your tracks. This can help you refine your tagging strategy and focus on keywords that are most effective for reaching your audience.

By mastering the art of tagging, you can significantly boost the discoverability of your tracks on SoundCloud and attract more listeners to your music.

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