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Get A SoundCloud Release Critique In 2020

Getting a song critique can help you at any stage in your career. For the more seasoned songwriting or producer, you’ve probably spent months working on your latest single. Before you release your song to the public, why not get some song feedback to get the...

Visual Branding: Why Artwork Design Matters on SoundCloud

Visual Branding: Getting Started It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, company, or professional in any entertainment or sales field – visual branding matters! The wrong artwork design could prevent many people from learning about who you are. The reasoning? Because...

Professional Quality: Getting That Music Industry Sound on SoundCloud

Professional Quality: Getting Started As you venture on your quest to be successful in the music industry – there are a few things you should know. The music matters. Don’t be fooled by songs that you hear that you may find simple. Whether it is the lyrics,...

Music Publications: Getting on Music Blogs

Music Publications: Getting Started Whether you are just beginning your Soundcloud music promotion career or a seasoned vet, Soundcloud music promotion publications are crucial to your success. Press by any means necessary should be how an artist approaches getting...

Twitch Tips for Musicians: Live Stream for Your Fans

Twitch Tips for Musicians: Getting Started During this quarantine you may be considering of creative ways to release new Soundcloud music promotion. Furthermore, beyond conventional social media there are a few options to entertain your fans. Who knows when you will...
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