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  1. You submit a profile to The Supreme Team.
  2. We send your profile and track to 2000+ curators with a letter of introduction.
  3. Curators decide if they want to add you to their lists. (They may contact you for more information first.)
  4. Your Profile is added to the Hype Urban Music Blog (



How to Get Free Spotify Playlist Submissions

The Supreme Team offers the best Free Spotify Playlist Submissions to get openness for impending specialists. We likewise offer paid Spotify advancements for ensured placements.

Promote Your Music to Free Spotify Playlist

What’s the most ideal approach to contact playlist curators?

Often, guardians who are available to get pitches will indicate the contact technique they incline toward directly in the portrayal of their playlist. Assuming this is the case, utilize that technique! Continuously regard the guardian’s desires with regards to connecting. Numerous playlist proprietors even make committed accommodation structures to acknowledge playlist entries, which makes the interaction helpful for both the craftsman and the curator.

If the free Spotify playlist custodian hasn’t indicated a specific contact strategy and there’s no accommodation structure accessible, then, at that point it’s dependent upon you to pick a proper contact technique. Numerous keepers associate their Spotify records to Facebook and in this way hope to be pitched by means of Facebook Messenger. Other conceivable contact techniques can incorporate direct informing through Instagram or Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Here’s a summary of probably the most usually utilized contact methods for free Spotify promotion:

Most clients permit you to send them a message by means of Facebook Messenger, regardless of whether you’re not friends with them on Facebook.

Instagram permits you to send private messages to clients through their Direct Messaging capacity. In case you’re on a Mac, you can introduce a free program called Flume for Mac; Windows clients can download the free Instagram application from the Microsoft Store. Both of these projects permit you to send messages straightforwardly from your PC work area (accepting that that is more helpful for you).

Some Twitter account holders alter their Direct Messaging settings to acknowledge messages from individuals they don’t follow. On the off chance that you can’t DM somebody on Twitter, take a stab at following them first (they might acknowledge DMs from supporters). In the event that you actually can’t DM them, you can stand by a couple of days to check whether they follow you back. On the other hand, you can send them a public @ tweet for a free Spotify playlist.

Other social media:
Platforms, for example, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, LastFM, and Reddit all have private informing capacities. You’ll require a client account on these stages to get to private informing, so it’s a smart thought to make represents your band on these platforms.

It’s not difficult to lose all sense of direction in somebody’s inbox, so by and large it’s a smart thought to try not to utilize email – except if obviously, the keeper has explicitly mentioned you utilize that strategy. All things considered, incorporate words like “music accommodation” in the headline of your email so the beneficiary knows immediately what to expect.

PRO TIP: Incorporating the playlist name in the song title (for example “New Composition for your Sunday Morning Chillout Playlist on Spotify”). Since email clients like Gmail bunch message strings together by title, this guarantees any answers to your email don’t get mixed up with other replies.

Website contact forms: Many organizations and brands give contact forms on their site for free Spotify promotion. You can treat these basically the same way as email (see above).

Choose ONE contact technique only – don’t send multiple messages. Also, attempt to pick the technique that you think the playlist owner feels generally OK with. Don’t simply pick the technique that is least demanding for you!

What should I say when pitching to a curator?
The best approach is to be brief, be clear, and be yourself.

Be brief:
Most playlist keepers DON’T have any desire to peruse your extensive manifesto or biography. A concise presentation (“Hi, I’m an artist lyricist from Texas”) is all you truly need. Attempt to keep your whole message to close to 50 words.

Be personal:
Do you react well to standard form letters? Neither do playlist curators. Set aside the time to customize your message to the individual you’re reaching.

Be clear:
Be clear about what you need – and say which playlist you’re pitching! Curators usually own several playlists.

How many tracks should I send them?
ONE track for free Spotify playlist submissions. Only ONE. Most curators will not set aside the time to listen to more than one track. 

What sort of reaction will I get?
You’ll either get a positive reaction, a negative reaction, or no reaction by any means. 

Positive response:
Ideally, the free Spotify promotion playlist proprietor cherishes your tune, adds it to their free Spotify playlist entries, and afterward composes back to you let you know. Some playlist proprietors will essentially say “Much appreciated, I’ll look at it!” Thank them consequently, and afterward, give them loads of time. You can circle back to them later assuming you need to, yet just on the off chance that it feels right. Try not to be pushy!

PRO TIP: Remember to regard each keeper as a likely new fan. Be ready to answer rapidly in the event that you get a reaction, particularly on stages like Facebook Messenger where individuals anticipate prompt reactions. In the event that you can start up a discussion, even better!

Negative response:
In our experience, this seldom occurs. Caretakers who don’t care for your music typically will not try answering. Periodically you might get a well-mannered “Much obliged, however, it’s not an ideal choice for my playlist” reaction. Try not to think about it literally! Express gratitude toward them for setting aside the effort to pay attention to your melody. In the event that they appear to be amicable in general and the energy feels right, you can inquire as to whether it’s alright for you to send them more tunes in the future. This is just how free Spotify promotion works. 

No response:
Most of the time, you’ll get no reaction. This is ordinary! Individuals are occupied, or they probably won’t see your message, or they may be taking a break from Facebook (or whichever stage you’re utilizing to reach them).

While answers might come in as little as a couple of days, some take significantly more. It’s not strange to get answers months after the fact. (We’ve even seen a few answers require a year or more!) If the playlist proprietor truly adores your music, they might check your back inventory for other tracks.

Don’t be shocked in the event that you see your different tunes spring up on their free Spotify playlist submissions. Now and again, the playlist proprietor probably won’t add the track you pitched, however another track from your back catalog.

Placement Fees:
Some playlist curators ask for a placement fee. This is not uncommon. If a fee is required, the curator will work directly with you. Supreme Team is not responsible for any transaction resulting from playlist submissions. Any deals made between you and the curator are your own.

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