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How to Pitch Your Music to Apple Music Playlists and Get Free Apple Music Promotion

What should I say to a curator?
The best methodology is to be brief, be close to home, be clear, and be yourself.

Be brief: by far most of the playlist keepers DON’T have any desire to peruse your extensive public statement or biography. A concise presentation (“Hi, I’m an artist lyricist from Ohio”) is all you truly need. Attempt to hold your whole message to close to 50-75 words.

Be personal: Do you react well to standard frame letters? Neither do playlist custodians! Set aside the effort to customize your message to the individual you’re reaching. Conventional pitches like “Look at my new track!” just seem to be lazy.

Be clear: Be clear about what you need – and determine which playlist you’re pitching! Recall that numerous caretakers own few playlists, so “If it’s not too much trouble, think about my melody for your playlist” probably won’t cut it.

Be yourself: Above all, when you submit with the expectation of complimentary free Apple Music promotino playlist arrangements ensure you’re being legitimate. Compose as normally as you can while as yet being perceived. Try not to claim to be a supervisor or marketing specialist; simply be you. Recall that playlist custodians are genuine individuals, very much like you. As music fans, they as of now like the work that craftsmen do, so speak the truth about what your identity is and what you’re attempting to achieve.

How many tracks should I send them?
In your underlying message, incorporate the Apple Music connect to ONE track just to a free apple music playlist submissions. Truth be told. Only ONE. Try not to send them the connection to a whole collection or to your Apple Music profile. Most custodians will not set aside the effort to navigate and pay attention to more than one track. In the event that they like the track you ship off them, they can undoubtedly look at the remainder of your list on Apple Music.

What sort of reaction will I get?
You’ll either get a positive reaction, a negative reaction, or no reaction. We should break it down:

Positive response: Ideally the playlist proprietor cherishes your tune, adds it to their free Apple Music playlist, and afterward writes back to you to let you know. Some playlist proprietors will essentially say “Much appreciated, I’ll look at it!” Thank them profusely, and give them loads of time. You can circle back to them later assuming you need to. Do not to be pushy!

PRO TIP: Remember to regard each curator as a likely new fan. Be ready to answer rapidly in the event that you get a reaction, particularly on stages like Facebook Messenger where individuals anticipate prompt reactions. In the event that you can start up a discussion, even better!

Negative response: In our experience, this seldom occurs. List proprietors who don’t care for your music typically will not try answering. Periodically, you might get a, “Much obliged, however, it’s not an ideal choice for my playlist” reaction. Try not to think about it too much! Express gratitude toward them for setting aside the effort to pay attention to your song. In the event that they appear to be amicable in general and the energy feels right, you can inquire as to whether it’s alright for you to send them more tunes in the future.

No response: Most of the time, you’ll get no reaction. This is ordinary. Individuals are occupied, or they won’t see your message, or they may be taking a break from the world. Some free Apple Music promotion playlist proprietors will add you to their playlist and not bother to answer your message. This is typical too.

While answers might come in as little as a couple of days, some take significantly more. It’s not strange to get answers months after the fact. (We’ve even seen a few answers require a year or more!) If the playlist proprietor truly adores your music, they might check your back inventory for other tracks.

Don’t be shocked in the event that you see your different tunes spring up on their playlists. Now and again, the playlist proprietor probably won’t add the track you pitched, however another track from your back catalog.

Before you contact a curator:

• Make sure to find out what the curator’s name is.
• Before you get in touch, take the time to listen to a few songs on their playlist to make sure that your music fits.
• Don’t tell them that your song is great and that they should check it out. Explain why your song is a good fit for their playlist.
• Present your request to be added to their playlist in a respectful way. Don’t approach them like you’re doing them a favor.

Fees or No-Fees
Some playlist curators ask for a placement fee. This is not uncommon. If a fee is required, the curator will work directly with you. Supreme Team is not responsible for any transaction resulting from playlist submissions or free Apple Music promotion. Any deals made between you and the curator are your own.

After your music has been added:
Curators appreciate it when an artist thanks them publicly via social media. It’s a small gesture that makes them feel good about what they’re doing and could bring about future inclusions for you.

How To Check Your Listener Counts on Free Apple Music Promotion
The only way to know how many listeners you have on Apple Music is through artists.apple.com/. You will need to set up your own account there to see detailed stats. But as mentioned above, unfortunately, Apple Music doesn’t tell you which lists are playing your song as Spotify does. The best thing to do is to look at your overall stats before getting added to the playlists vs. after you’ve been added. This will give you a general range of the effectiveness of the promotion.


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