by | May 13, 2022

Published by The Supreme Team on May 13, 2022

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Artist Name: Tronk

Who are you?

You probably never heard of Tronk the rapper, he is a young artist who is discovering his talent. He started making beats at the age of 16. Then he also started writing texts himself. He writes in a playful way and with great use of rhymes. If you described his style then you would call him the Tripflower, he makes songs that sometimes sound good for everyone. Tronk is a devil that can sometimes scare you, but on the other hand he is a chiller and a creative person. It is now time to discover his music!

Where are you from?

Im from Belgium, they dont have the hip hop that im making in this country so i defenitly come with a new style.

How can we follow you?

Song Title: Trap Madness

Listen to Tronk: