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Artist Name: Rayquonthedon

Who are you?

I would describe oneself as a trap soul type of artist! Very melodic & always changing my form of cadence. My intended purpose as an artist is to express myself & pain. Never looking for FAME nor MONEY out of it! Just always had a love and passion as a kid. I say things that others would feel afraid or ashamed of! As kid I never had a filter and I feel my dad and mom play a heavy part in that. Though I’m very thankful for how they raised me. always speak your mind! So as an artist I’m a man filled with mystery’s and hidden messages in my music. while keeping it short but catchy and not to simple & complex.

Where are you from?

I’m from smallest state on the map Rhode Island AKA Lil Rhody. The music scene most big in providence it’s like our lil Newyork city! I feel like a lot of artist try to swagger jack nyc drilly scene as well as Atlanta wave. but there is most deff hidden talent here! Shout out KOLD KASH RIP HAMMER HENDRIX!

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