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Published by The Supreme Team on April 14, 2024

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Artist Name: OXYG3N

Who are you?

I’m more of a creative gauntlet player. I like to take all my opportunities and situations by applying everything that is needed to evolve and elevate the right things in my life and those around me for the better good, but still understanding the theme of, to catch a wolf you must be a shadow(ghost)

Where are you from?

Originally from corona California but moved around a lot when I was younger from my family changing careers. Now I been out in Arizona more recently, the scene here is definitely growing and as a artist, we will see even a bigger picture one day

How can we follow you?

Right now you can find me on SoundCloud or YouTube music. My new website will be uploaded soon with the whole full catalogue of new music and merch

Song Title: New Electric

Listen to OXYG3N:

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