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Artist Name: Nate.FAYGO

Who are you?

I've always liked catchy melodies and personal songs the most, listening to a lot of soft rock and grunge rock in middle school, then working up to rap for a couple years before Fetty Wap came onto the scene. I was already humming and scream-singing songs from Justin Bieber, Fetty Wap, Hopsin, anything really, I would always make it a singy-songy song even if it was a hard song about murder and guns. By the time xxxtentacion had died I realized I had good music in my head and have had it for years, I just needed to start doing something with it. At first I was complete dookie bro I thought it wasn't meant for me but these rhymes, and these melodies kept introducing themselves through dreams and thoughts. I actually decided to step up my efforts heavily a couple days before juice died because his music just resonated with me too much, when singing his song I was nearly perfectly singing along with him and hitting every note just right and at the time my homies would be popping in and out of my crib randomly, so one day I was listening to some Juice WRLD, Humming the melody and singing bits and pieces, and he goes "You have a good voice bro why don't you just be doing this more often, prolly get you money off that for real" and I was just like "Ight, say less, heard."the night he died I swear Juice WRLD was actually there, I was in my old apartment and that man came over, hung out, I asked him if he wanted something to drink and turned on Robbery, we both sang a little until I made fun of his lyrics and rapped the wrong shit. He told "Don't do that again" and we continued that song until finish, after which I got the glass of water. There is a corridor hallway between the kitchen and living room where Jarrod was sitting. I grabbed the full cup of water and went to walk into the living room, but by the time I got to the doorway, Jarrod was standing up with music off, tears rolling down his eyes but smiling and a large white beam barrier slowly coming up from behind him, but he just stood there content smiling at me. He told me "Bro don't worry about it, I got that water I needed. I like you, G" looks me up and down and goes "I really like you and I think they gone like you too, yeah, you destined for big shit, don't forget that. You gone be ight man, I appreciate the talk." The white beam overtook him blowing me back outside, waking me. When I got up and ate some breakfast I saw the headline for Juice WRLD Dead in airport. I couldn't believe it, I felt like I had just had a conversation with that man.

I just want to bring something to music that music brought to me growing up.

Where are you from?

I'm Nathan, and I'm originally from the Fairview Height's/O' Fallon Area. Moved to the east side Belleville around 2007 and was there until about 2017 when I moved to the west side of Belleville. I haven't really heard of any big talents coming out as of the last few years, although, I'm pretty sure comethazine went to a school near me like in the Saint Louis area so that's pretty dope! A lot of the people I meet that are artist out here now are either DJ's or EDM producers, I rarely meet anyone worth mentioning in Bellevile yet! My good homies Ian and Brandon are among these EDM producers, going by the names "iDROPPA" and "DEAMZ"

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Song Title: I'm Sorry [PROD. SOGIMURA]

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