Lil Dakes

by | Feb 18, 2024

Published by The Supreme Team on February 18, 2024

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Artist Name: Lil Dakes

Who are you?

Dakewann Clifton Daley (born July 28, 2006), better known by his stage nameLil Dakes, is an American Rapper rapper based in Illinois,[1] Chicago.[2] Lil Dakes was born on July 28 2006 Jamaica at Spanish Town Hospital, he started his rap career in middle high school recording music on band lab, Fl Studio and publishing them on SoundCloud music platform.Lil Dakes delivers introspective lyrics atop melodic production artists who grew up playing piano, drums, and guitar, turning to rap freestyle in high school. Influenced by rock music and Chicago drill. Throughout his career, he is a leading figure in the Drill Rap and SoundCloud Rap[3] genres which garnered mainstream attention during the mid-to-late 2023s. His stage name, which he stated came from his childhood name “ Dakes”.

Where are you from?

Lil Dakes, is an American Rapper rapper based in Illinois Chicago.

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Song Title: Lil Dakes – Bleeding

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