Cleva Thoughts

by | Jul 8, 2024

Published by The Supreme Team on July 8, 2024

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Artist Name: Cleva Thoughts

Who are you?

As an artist, I would describe myself as versatile, passionate, and authentic. I blend an East Coast style flow with Southern influences, creating a unique sound that resonates with a wide audience. My music often explores themes of ambition, power, and the realities of life, all delivered with a lyrical finesse that captures the listener's attention. I strive to be a true storyteller, using my words and beats to paint vivid pictures and evoke deep emotions. My goal is to connect with my audience on a personal level and leave a lasting impact through my music.

Where are you from?

I'm from Maryland, part of the D(M)V area which includes D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. The music scene here is vibrant and diverse, with a rich mix of genres ranging from hip-hop and R&B to go-go and jazz. There's a lot of talent and creativity in the area, and it's inspiring to be part of such a dynamic community. Shout out to all the artists and fans in the DMV who keep the music culture alive and thriving!

How can we follow you?

Fans can follow and listen to my music on various platforms. You can find me on Instagram at, on Twitter at, and on Spotify at Make sure to follow me to stay updated on my latest releases, performances, and behind-the-scenes content

Song Title: Look At This (Azido 88 Remix)

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