Chelsea Lynnette

by | Aug 14, 2022

Published by The Supreme Team on August 14, 2022

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Artist Name: Chelsea Lynnette

Who are you?

Individualistic, not conformed, diverse. There is so much beautiful music in the world that imagining being someone attached to only one form and style is a nightmare. Experiencing so many different emotions, it’s healthy to also express them as well, so, what better way to do that I guess is what I mean.

Where are you from?

Hi! Born and raised in SW Missouri, where the music scene is on the far right and left of us for the most part. I guess you could consider it on the spectrum of folk and country though, with Branson near by, and Dollies Stampede. We also are proud yet humble residents and neighbors of the hometowns of some of the greatest artists of all time like, (wow I feel like I just said “of”so many times okay) Garth Brooks from Tulsa Ok, like, an hour away, Sheryl Crow, Sara Evans, Gretchen Wilson, Martina McBride and CASH over in KS, Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton of OK, as well as Reba, Toby Keith, and Vince Gill, then we have Eminem, Tech N9ne, Haystack, Spencer Lee and so many more. I know I just left so many people out. Not intentionally.

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Chelsea Lynnette

Song Title: Wade In The Water

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