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How can I get more organic SoundCloud Plays?

  1. Submit your track to Supreme{PR}.
  2. We place your song in playlists and repost it to give it exposure. 
  3. Followers listen to it and engage with it. 
  4. We continue to promote it until we have reached the minimum plays ordered. 

Our plays come from our popular playlists and reposts. We place you on multiple playlists in high positions, because you get more plays when you are higher up on the playlist. Organic SoundCloud plays are targeted for the genre and generate plays from the US and EU. We guarantee the minimum plays ordered, but you’ll probably get extras. You can track the progress in your stats and on SoundCloud Pulse.

SoundCloud Plays are the kind of numbers that you tell your friends about to impress them. However, they are often manipulated to make a song appear popular.

Music is an experience. In order to determine the importance of it, a listener has to be engaged in the experience. A SoundCloud play may not say enough about the experience of the listener or if they actually paid attention to it. Therefore, other engagement types are probably better indicators. 

Likes and Reposts
The more effort and personal investment a user has to give to perform an action in response to a song offering the more engaged a user has to be. By this definition, likes may be better than SoundCloud plays but cheaper than reposts. Likes only require a single mostly anonymous click. A repost is a much stronger response because the reposted song appears on the reposter’s profile. It reflects on their reputation as a music connoisseur. They are vouching for your style and talent as an artist. Your viability as a star; that is a big deal. 

Comments are a considerable endorsement. A comment is the most time-consuming action because it requires typing, thinking, and sometimes even grammar… Comments represent a commitment, reputation, and of course, effort. This is much more of an investment than SoundCloud plays and could make comments one of the strongest indicators for hyper-engaged fans; even when they are negative. The downside is SoundCloud comments are as likely to be spam as they are real. It’s important to monitor them as they come in to keep your audience legit. Make sure you respond to every legit comment to make Superfans out of the commenter. (Even if they hated your music.) 

Followers are the most valuable metric and the hardest to obtain in large numbers. Your followers are your fanbase. They represent a direct measure of your popularity. A large follower metric is a key to success with each song premiere because your loyal followers’ streams create an exponential promotion.

The Truth About Plays
The truth is every artist should work to develop all metrics in good balance to show strong engagement from real fans. Gaining real Organic SoundCloud Plays is the first step in growing your metrics evenly. Supreme{PR} can help you develop this type of promotional balance and grow a real fan base over time.

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