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Interview: Sukuna 0g

by | Feb 13, 2021


Published by The Supreme Team on February 13, 2021

Artist Name: Sukuna 0g
Latest Release: GOT YOUR BACK

“I’m a very versatile artist, that tries to not only paint a picture in my music but I also try to capture emotion and create a vibe”

Tell us all about this new track of yours!
This song is about a girl that I grew up that changed up on me. But I wanted to let her know regardless of what she thinks of me I’ll always be there

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
I’d love to collaborate with Travis Scott or maybe Lil Uzi!

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?
I’m from North Carolina, the music here is definitely underrated. There are plenty of unnoticed artist that are super talented. CLTSOLO for example, Forever Xoul is and there are plenty more to name.

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
my experiences have definitely put a big impact into what I make my music about. I try to capture the good, the bad, the pretty and moments in life that I’ve lived or seen.

Can you give us a sample of Sukuna 0g music?


https://supremepr.us/interview-Sukuna 0g/Sukuna 0g

#rap #hiphop #pop #interview #Sukuna 0g

The Supreme Team is excited to feature Sukuna 0g on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at soundcloud.com/supremepr-records/ for updates.

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