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Interview: DVMA

by | Feb 28, 2021

Published by The Supreme Team on February 28, 2021

Artist Name: DVMA
Latest Release: For Your Love

“Gangsta Romantic. In a time in Hip Hop when women are told not to care, to take what you can get and not catch feelings, I CATCH FEELINGS. Me and a lot of the women i grew up with are the type of women who will catch a case for ours, and don't even get involved if we not taking it to the next level. Lana Del Rey meets Biggie meets Griselda Blanco.”

The track?
“For your Love” is an ethereal mix of Melodic Hip Hop and Indie R&B, telling the story of a woman who is willing to go to prison for her man's love. The first single off of my upcoming album; "Gangsta B*tch Love Songs", it is a perfect blend of Gangster and Romance. Im basically simultaneously professing my love for this man while threatening his life if he ever plays me lol.

Dream collaboration?
40 from Ovo

Where is home and what is the scene like?
Born and raised in south Brooklyn, NY. The NYC Hip Hop scene has always been LIT (shout out to E-O-DUB the longest running open mic, we now do virtual), but since i grew up DUMB far (Last stop on the Q) its always been the duality between the street life and the rapper life. in 2017 i moved to Austin TX and have been peacefully creating since.

How has living life influenced your music?
As a youth, i spent time in the system, i hustled my whole life to survive, but deep, DEEP, inside i have always been a romantic too. My mother left her whole life behind to follow my father to the USA from the Soviet Union, and I was born a product of that romantic story. Its always been hard for me as a rapper to tap into both sides, i used to only be a hardened lyricist. But when i started making "Gangsta B*tch Love Songs" it all came together… in all honesty the most hard core gangstas with impenetrable walls also feel the deepest.

Favorite movie?
My favorite movie always been Goodfellas, i can recite it word for word and every song. I always identified with Jimmy Conway. A dangerous personality but only cause I'm out here trying to thrive. Im not a hot head like Tommy or a wannabe like Henry. But as i grew into womanhood i started to understand, empathize, and identify more with Karen too.

Let’s plug that DVMA music!

Find on social:
IG/twitter/tik tok: @dvma_music
Official video for "For Your Love": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cSXH9zHKA4

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