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Featured Artist: KnowerdzPablo

by | Jan 15, 2021

Published by The Supreme Team on January 15, 2021

Recording Artist: KnowerdzPablo

“Hello Guys! How you doing? I hope everybody is blessed and maintaining positive energy! I go by the stage name "KnowerdzPablo". I am an 18 year old college student from Stonecrest City, GA. I feel like what makes me unique is my passion for music, art, and writing. Throughout my 18 years I have been a drawer, videographer, rapper, and writer. I feel like I am different from other artists because I actually am in it for the art, while others are more after the benefits. Of course I want to get payed to do what I love but, I would rap even for no money because I just feel like it is the best way to clear my mind and share my thoughts. I am not from the streets, I never sold drugs, nor do I use them. I am true to me at the end of the day and I refuse to change if its not for the better. My music is unique, and creative, and always has a message, whether it is hidden or clear. The reason I go by "Knowerdz" is because all my life I have been a naturally quiet, introverted person and the mic is the only thing that has ever helped me find my voice and my purpose. The way I spell it means " I might say no words, but I know words and I got a lot to say". The Pablo part was just a funny nickname I got in spanish class that stuck (lol). So, in conclusion I'm KnowerdzPablo: the kid who is just himself, and displays creativity, uniqueness, humbleness and versatility.”

If you could reach any goal in 2021, what would it be?
My goals for 2021 are really simple, but are really important. I just want to see growth; even if it is just a little bit of it. I am very patient, and am okay with taking my time, in order to create perfection. I would like my skills and creativity to improve, I would like to gain more fans and views, gain more exposure, learn more about the industry, and just be more knowledgable of everything. I move at my own pace and I am not worried about what the next person does. My last goal is to stop worrying about haters and anything negative that is created to purposely make me feel down in life. Too many times in the past I have done that, and it affected my confidence. I will no longer let anybody bring toxic energy around me while I am on my grind to become great.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
My inspiration is simply life's experiences. They drive me to create and explore.

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
I feel like everyday of my life is a new experience, or adventure. I feel like I learn something new everyday I wake up. I really just rap about certain situations in my life that have occurred. I an only 18, so I know I have a whole lot more to experience and learn, but I have learned quite a bit in my time already. I feel as a teenager you go through a lot of different thoughts and challenges when it comes to trying to figure yourself out, and trying to look for the person you want to be. I know what it is as a teen to be lonely, experience heartbreak, be in a relationship, feel happy, confused, sad, and so much more. I write about things I can relate to, as well as what my peers can relate to at this age.

How can fans learn more about you?
My main source of media would be instagram. My personal page is @knowerdzpablo. I currently cleared the page, but I plan to post more in the future. In the meantime you could follow @nametagproductions. That is where most of my music content is promoted at. Nametag Productions is basically a collective of me and a few artists I am affiliated with, so you will se my content and theirs as well. I am also on youtube @KnowerdzPablo Music. That is where I post my music videos and songs as well as all other platforms. The last source to hit me up at is my email @knowerdzpablo@gmail.com

Can you give us a sample of KnowerdzPablo music?

Supreme{PR} is excited to feature KnowerdzPablo on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at soundcloud.com/supremepr-records/ for updates.

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