The number one mistake: artists should be uploading tracks for Artists into Spotify at least seven days before it hits the platform. Nobody knows the exact algorithms for rating a track of Spotify. But some principles apply. Anytime a listener adds it into a personal playlist, that is good and shows involvement or saves a song. The track isn’t guaranteed to capture your followers’ Release Radar playlists, which means that all that free promotion is lost. Songs are getting shorter, so always consider length. Engagement is great, disengagement is poor. Lil Nas X’s’Old Town Road’ is the since 1965, only 1:53. And that is hardly the exception: Lil Pump’s’Gucci Gang’ is, while Kodak Black’s’Calling My Spirit’ is 2:32. More often than not, placements are killed by long intros. So it’s better to avoid them. Prevent intros and slow builds. They also result in larger payouts for artists. Artists are doing Spotify for Artists wrong — and that dramatically reduces their chances of inclusion.

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