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Web Presence: Getting Started

In 2020, any musician that is looking to grow their brand requires a strong web presence. Furthermore, a professional website design paired with well branded social media is a necessity. Your online real estate is crucial to the success of your career and should not be taken lightly. However, be sure that you are able to reflect your brand and personality through all of your design. Keep it professional without going too corporate. People are more likely to invest time into a brand rather than a random person. Keep this in mind as you are focusing on your web presence.

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Web Presence. The Basics

Your web presence should be as consistent as your efforts. Keep content flowing but always make sure they are quality posts. Whether it is video, images, or live streams – keep everything on par. Furthermore, include branding in everything that you do. This is helpful not only for recognition but if your content is shared, people will know where the original source came from.

Your social media channels need to be filled with branding. Take advantage of all of the spaces available on different platforms to add your graphics. Most noteworthy, this can be covers, display pictures, or headers. Include links, especially to your website, and always post content that will have your fans engage. How your fans connect with you determine how invested they are into your brand. Additionally, this reinforces your web presence which could turn into a source of income. Sponsors and advertisers are always looking for up and coming influencers and it is all based on how large a person’s reach is.

Lastly, your website is a major player in all of this. This is the ultimate hub for everything that is you. Your website design should encompass your brand and offer as much necessary information to readers as possible. This includes how you can be reached, who you are, what you have done, and what is to come. A mobile friendly website that is SEO ready helps with your Google results as well.

Putting all of these together is a surefire way to jump start the growth of your brand. This is what major labels are looking for when they consider signing an artist. Self-sustainability is key in the modern music industry and a strong web presence is the cornerstone.

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