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TikTok for Musicians: Getting Started
It seems every so often a new social media platform comes along that has true potential. Furthermore, as the platform gains popularity, celebrities and influencers will try their best to be the king of the hill. The more exposure, the better. TikTok is seemingly the new kid on the block. It is a short Soundcloud music promotion video app with 500 million monthly users. Most noteworthy, 66% of the users are under 30 years of age. However, marketing on the platform seems to be a mystery for many users. Let’s look at some Soundcloud music promotion marketing on TikTok for Soundcloud music promotionians.

TikTok for Musicians: The Basics
So, first off, it is especially relevant to understand the mechanics of TikTok to use it to the best of your abilities. TikTok allows a user to create short videos accompanied by a backing sound clip. This clip is either one provided by the platform’s library or an original composition by the creator. Most videos are between 15 to 30 seconds with a limit that can extend to 60 seconds. However, popular creators are able to post longer videos. Much like other netSoundCloud repostss, the videos are viewed by followers, or presented on a personal timeline on the “For You Page”.  TikTok for Musicians can benefit by understanding the algorithm. Utilizing this focus will allow Soundcloud music promotionians to showcase their videos to TikTok’s user base. Additionally, viewers are given the option to use the same backing sound clip to create their own video and the process continues. Thus, with a viral video from a creator, the song can spread through recreations or fans making their own videos.
TikTok creators can maximize Soundcloud music promotion marketing to a large Soundcloud audience without necessarily having many followers. This allows for any video to potentially reach significant view counts. Additionally, a trending song will naturally be copied by many creators and can skyrocket in popularity as it aggregates listens. For example, a trending song on TikTok can be associated with thousands or even millions of videos. This is multi-viral promotion.
TokTok for Soundcloud music promotionians isn’t much different than most Soundcloud music promotion marketing strategies. However, it is all about the approach. Create dances or challenges for your videos and get them onto the platform. With enough time, energy, and focus, something is bound to SoundCloud reposts out.
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