Show Notes: Episode 7:  Derek Sivers Your Music and People

I’m thrilled to share Episode 7 of the Cyber PR Music Podcast with you featuring Derek Sivers in his first interview in over 3 years.
This episode deals with the very human parts of being a musician as we address 2 things that are very near and dear to our hearts.

First, we talk about at the realities of being an introvert (like Derek) and discuss how to still make friends and influence people in the business whether you’re at a gig, a party or an official music conference.

Next, Derek breaks down one of my favorite articles that he’s ever written, where he discusses the happiest artists he knows and what they do to remain creative and active in their music careers without suffering from the grind of the gig economy or burning out from feeling like they need to constantly monetize and hustle.

In This Episode Derek and Ariel Discuss:

Derek Sivers first interview is just for musicians and the music business people

How a natural introvert like Derek learned how to get ahead in the music business and at any networking event or conference

How he came up with the brilliant title of his upcoming book: Your Music and People, Creative and Considerate Fame, what it’s about and what to expect when it’s released

How to keep yourself in balance and the formula artists have figured out to stay happy as lifelong creatives

Why having a stage name is a fabulous way to protect your personal humanity and separate yourself from what can feel confronting and how this can separate you from negativity

How a natural introvert (like Derek) can learn how to get ahead in the music business and at any networking event or conference

What the happiest musicians Derek knows do to keep themselves in balance and the formula they have figured out to stay happy as lifelong artists

 Episode Action Sheets:
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Books Mentioned:
Your Music and People, Creative and Considerate Fame – Derek Sivers upcoming book – it will be announced here when it comes out here.
Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport 
How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
Articles Mentioned:
Balance – Derek’s Article about the happiest musicians he knows and what they do differently
The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles – Manrepeller 
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? – The Atlantic 
Throwback Video:
Derek & Ariel discuss the best niche-based pitch he ever heard (it’s that “one line” Derek refers to in this podcast.)
Contact Derek:
Derek’s Twitter 

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