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Tekashi 6ix9ine Breaks YouTube Record with ‘GOOBA’
Many people aware of Tekashi 6ix9ine have been keeping an ear out for the artist. After recently being released from prison early due to COVID-19 related scares, the Brooklyn rapper is back. Known for his rainbow hair and online persona, 6ix9ine is a polarizing character. Onlookers seem to either love or hate the rapper. Back in late 2018 the rapper was arrested for a slew of charges and faced a 47-year sentence. However, after cooperating with the courts and law, Daniel Hernandez sentence was minimized to just under two years. Having been quiet for a few weeks Tekashi was able to build up a lot of anticipation for his latest release.
The latest track ‘GOOBA’ was released just before 3PM eastern time on Friday, May 8th. With a scheduled live stream for 3PM, 6ix9ine had the internet going crazy. So much so that when the stream did go live, Daniel broke the Instagram record, previously held by Tory Lanez and Drake. Over 2 million people checked in to watch the live stream where 6ix9ine broke down some of the controversy that has been following him and to talk about the new song. After the first 24 hours it was declared that ‘GOOBA’ broke the record for the largest 24-hour debut for a hip-hop video. With over 43 million views Tekashi 6ix9ine bested Eminem’s Machine Gun Kelly diss ‘Killshot’ from 2018 which amassed 38.1 million views in its first 24 hours.

‘GOOBA’ is produced by Payday & Jahnei Clarke. Furthermore, the track addresses many of the people who negatively commented on his career and imprisonment. The video features quite a few models dressed in bright colored bikinis (one for each color of the rainbow, except blue). While there are no current Billboard predictions, it will certainly be interesting to see how Tekashi 6ix9ine does on the upcoming charts.
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