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Published by Supreme{PR} on November 20, 2020


Our SoundCloud, Spotify, and TikTok Promotions are provided through our network of playlist curators, music tastemakers, and content creators.  We love helping artists who are talented, dedicated, and destined for greatness. Supreme{PR} is Austin, Texas based and connected worldwide.  Let’s make some noise! ~The Supreme Team

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kyd sway

This is the kind of feature we love to get. Kid sway is whole: the name, the look, the production, the voice, the perfect feat. artist pairing, and the amazing track. He starts low and slow and builds into an amazing duet with two perfectly matched voices. We can't wait to...

Charles Wolfe

Charles Wolfe is an Independent Alternative Pop artist from the South West of the UK. His writing and voice are perfect timeless pop. The production is top shelf. "I am self taught in all that I do and started my journey when my dad showed me how to play a few chords when...


Sometimes you know exactly who the grandparents are when you see the baby. In this case, Funkadelic and Kraftwerk are guilty as hell. They must have hooked up in the greenroom of their 1978 Eastern European tour and produced what grew to be DJ-SLT-UK. ~ Supreme Team...
Featured Artist: DJ Crankz

DJ Crankz

DJ Crank's "DonkHouse" is Atari on crack cut with insanity. It's kinetic energy would be right at home with bright red hair in Run Lola Run. Very solid production. It clocks in at 2:27 and leaves you exhausted like a 100 meter dash. ~Supreme::: If you could reach any goal...
Featured Artist: Christine King

Christine King

C.K. criminally undersells herself. Her listed influences are not exactly the avant-garde heroes of yesterday, but the music screams "real." It is edgy, LA indie, with heart and creativity. The ghosts of PJ Harvey, Mates of State, and the Runaways are waking up. Who are...

Iam Code 6

SUPREME: Hey Code, what's up? CODE 6: You reposted other tracks of mine and I got some good organic plays from it. SUPREME: Yeah that's cause your shit is so chill and we love it. Glad to see you have a new track out. If you could reach any goal in 2021, what would it be?...
The Supreme Team has helped 5178 artists get noticed

Featured Artists for 26th January 2021



Interview: 4005600@sd25.me "jfmkdls" Where are you from and what is the music scene like? msksmls,dwkdskss skmsw What is your greatest source of inspiration? juice wrld How...

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Interview: Veauxgue "I am Veauxgue, a singer, songwriter, and sometimes producer. Rapper when I like to showcase my musical abilities to the fullest. In my spare time, I...

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Interview: Creuse "Hey, my name is Creuse. I can define my music as a blend of groove with mysteriousness. Im trying to deliver a clean, crisp sound with catchy basslines....

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Interview: T.Real "I’m different from others because I rap from my soul and I rap about what I been threw" Where are you from and what is the music scene like? I’m from...

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LMR Brandon

LMR Brandon

Interview: LMR Brandon "I am LMR Brandon I love rapping. I also play guitar and piano and I box on the side." Where are you from and what is the music scene like? I am from...

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Interview: SELFLESS "22 year old independent artist that thrives off musical creativity and production. I make all my own beats as well as being able to fluidly produce...

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Interview: inKedSavage "I am quick at picking up certain instruments in the instrumental. I freestyle and write my own lyrics. I put my heart n soul into my music. 100%...

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Interview: Shredd "Nate Borchert" Where are you from and what is the music scene like? Dell rapids What is your greatest source of inspiration? Hopsin How have your life...

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Interview: TayJaNee "I am TayJaNee'. I am a 19 year old entrepreneur. I've been working with other upcoming artists to create music on my platform for almost a...

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DHK Perk

DHK Perk

Interview: DHK Perk "I am An Underground Artist from California i make scramo trap and r&b music My passion in music is too make people hyped up or just chill in smoke...

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Tricky2The T Music

Tricky2The T Music

Interview: Tricky2The T Music "UK Rapper" Where are you from and what is the music scene like? UK and mad What is your greatest source of inspiration? D block Europe How...

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6vccess Alex bedi

6vccess Alex bedi

Interview: 6vccess Alex bedi "I am 6vccess Work hard to improve my pen game I make music that others can relate And stay real doing that" Where are you from and what is the...

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Karabo RSA

Karabo RSA

Interview: Karabo RSA "Im Just A Young Kid Trying To Live His Dream At An Early Age Even Dropped Out Of School So I Can Chase My Dream And Not Let It Chase Me. I Really...

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Dudley Mincey

Dudley Mincey

Interview: Dudley Mincey "I'm a artist that came for cincinnati, I'm now located in florence Ky been doing music since 2013 I'm really bright and also...

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Interview: lileros "I’m a solo rapper trying to make it big" Where are you from and what is the music scene like? Lots of rap I’m from chicago What is your greatest source...

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Interview: Syveria "I am syveria, I’m a young artist from Tijuana, Mexico, I’ve been making music for 5 years, I delve into Plugg, and experimental rap, i produce, record,...

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Priya R

Priya R

Interview: Priya R "I’m a person who is quite an antique and different from others" Where are you from and what is the music scene like? I’m from India . What is your...

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Interview: HittaFrm063 "Kai, A Young Black Male Trying To Make It To The Charts & Go Global" Where are you from and what is the music scene like? Chicago, Mostly Drill...

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Interview: DJ-SLT-UK "Sometimes you know exactly who the grandparents are when you see the baby. In this case, Funkadelic and Kraftwerk are guilty as hell. They must have...

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Interview: ALEXIS SEAS "NEW AND EXPERIENCED ARTIST LOOKING FOR EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE THE GAME! https://soundcloud.com/alexisseas/bringing-it-back-official-alexis-ft...

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