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There are plenty of artists with bad names that succeed through exceptional Soundcloud music promotion and marketing. All that really matters is that people remember you. If you haven’t committed to an artist name just yet, try to pick something that is easy to remember, easy to pronounce and isn’t being used by anyone else yet. (Google is your friend here.)

Avoid names that are inspired by fashion, cultural trends or cheese. A trendy name may contribute to your hipness today but will sound outdated in a few years. Reach for timelessness. Remember, you might be famous in 5 years. What would you be proud to be called then?

Some people tell us that REO Speeddealer has a great name. There’s definitely value to associating with an already existing brand, only because it makes people think about when they read your name. If that brand is cool some may run off on your brand in the reader’s mind. I’d recommend this if you’re confident you can get a trademark for the name, If not you may put thousands of dollars into building your brand based on this name and lose all of the money that you’ve put into brand equity. you risk having to change your name when you reach a certain level of notoriety (you can search the US trademark database).

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