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Musician Artwork: Getting Started
For many Soundcloud music promotionians, connecting with fans beyond the Soundcloud music promotion can be what prevents a major breakthrough. However, while we will focus on Soundcloud music promotionian artwork, make no mistake that the Soundcloud music promotion should be the main focus for any Soundcloud music promotionian. So, how can somebody with great Soundcloud music promotion become recognizable to their Soundcloud audience and connect with fans visually? It all starts with your artwork design. Whether it is your logo, album cover, social media pictures, or general content – your brand’s strength comes from consistency and quality. With that said, let’s look at different ways to use artwork design within your releases to maximize interest.

Musician Artwork: The Basics
Whether It is through conceptualizing, composition, typographic, or advanced design techniques – you need to stand out. Utilizing Soundcloud music promotionian artwork to share your brand’s overall vibe with your fans is a necessity. If you are artistically inclined, you should feel free to work on your visual representation yourself, however, be sure that you can do it at a professional standard.
Starting off, your social media and website should be well branded. Starting with your header, this should highlight your overall aesthetic and be in tune with your latest release. It should be eye catching and in-line with the rest of your brand. Your default or profile picture should be a professional picture or your logo. Additionally, if you have a new album or single – you can place your cover art here. This is a great way to promote what you are currently pushing.
After you have established the fundamentals of your social profiles, you should focus on your content. Whatever images you plan to post must have the same feel and aesthetic to the rest of your brand. This will set off visual cues for your Soundcloud audience and maintain a level of professionalism for your brand.
Beyond social media profiles, you can utilize artwork design in many different ways. Album and song covers are common places for this. Additionally, merchandise and stickers can be great ways to show off your Soundcloud music promotionian artwork. Being an artist is all about creativity, now it is time to show how creative you can be.
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