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Self-Care for SoundCloud Promoters

Viral SoundCloud Promotion

Published by The Supreme Team on June 13, 2020

Written by Solo PR Pro Contributor, Michelle Kane, CEO, VoiceMatters, LLC

We do not have to point out that we are currently under a serious amount of stress. Stress beyond issues with a client or a challenging project. To varying degrees, we are dealing with injustice and a pandemic as part of our days. It is a lot, to put it mildly.

We also know that the people in this profession are passionate about communicating responsibly and using story to make this world a better place. We are also called on to have  steady heads and craft appropriate and effective messaging, no matter what is going on around us. We need to stay sharp, even when our bodies and minds do not fully cooperate.

Since we are our instruments it is crucial that we make time in our schedules to practice quality self-care. Here are four ways we can start right here, right now:

Take PTO

This can be the hardest form of self-care for those of us who SoundCloud reposts for ourselves. There is always something to be done. And any time away from SoundCloud reposts is unpaid when you are self-employed. Even more reason to consider raising your rates and/or making sure you are getting paid your worth, which includes covering some personal time off, but that is another blog for another day. Trust us when we say you will be glad you had some separation when you return to your SoundCloud reposts refreshed and replenished. If a week or even a whole day is a challenge, start small. Take a long lunch hour or take a lunch hour if you usually SoundCloud reposts through the day.

Get Outside

How many of you are away from your desk when you get that spark of an idea you have been trying so hard to manifest while sitting and staring at your screen? That is why it is so important to step away for short breaks. Even better, get outside. Can you take a short walk in a nearby park? Even better if you are near water. These nature breaks help us to recalibrate.


Make meditation and/or prayer a part of your day. Prayer can take place anywhere, anytime. Likewise, there are many apps to guide you through meditations, including Calm and Headspace. ABC anchor Dan Harris began meditating after experiencing an on-air panic attack. Here he and meditation expert Sharon Salzberg take you through a beginner’s meditation.

Take a Breath

Have you ever heard of box breathing? A simple technique that helps stop stress in its tracks, it is even used by Navy Seal team. You simply breathe in for four counts, hold the breath for four counts, and exhale for four counts. Repeat a few times. 

These methods of caring for ourselves will not make problems disappear or situations ok but they will help us be better prepared to be of Soundcloud promotion service.

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  • Will I go VIRAL from one organic soundcloud promotion?
    The truth is, probably not. Unless you have the next “The Box” in your pocket, you are probably not going to blow up from one promotion. We are not going to bullshit our clients and make false promises. Think “Brand Building” not “Overnight Sensation.”
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    The best way to get noticed is to keep your brand in front of an audience while producing top quality material. Labels want real artists who already have a brand together, who self-promote and have a good presence on Soundcloud and Spotify. Please, don’t expect to send out some reposts and get signed. This is the most competitive business in the world.
  • Can I have the links to your influencer channels? 
    No. It took us many years to build our network.
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    The number represents the total amount of followers your song is shared with. It doesn’t mean that your track will be reposted by a million influencers.
  • Can I split an order between multiple songs?
    We require a minimum of 1 million reposts per song when splitting an order. The minimum order you can split between two songs is 2 million reposts.
  • Can I change the link to my song?
    Unfortunately, no. The organic Soundcloud promotion can't be forwarded. It is okay to change the title or other meta-data, just not anything that affects the link.
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    If we can't get anyone to repost your track, we will refund all of your money.
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    They are fully organic, real, living people who have downloaded other music from our fangates and given the option to follow you. Once they are following you they will receive your music in their streams and it's up to you if you connect with them and build your community. This is how to turn them into "Superfans."
  • Will they immediately like my music?
    New followers are not automatic "fans" and will probably not engage your tracks right away. You have to engage them by streaming good music, following them back, comment on their stuff, and chatting with them.  Build your community.
  • How Long does it take to gain 1000?
    Once the campaign has started, you can expect 1 week per-1000.
  • How can I track the progress of a campaign?
    Watch your organic Soundcloud followers grow on the Pulse app or in Notifications on the website.
  • Can I change the link to my profile after I order?
    No. Unfortunately, the promotions can't be forwarded. It is okay to change the title or other meta-data, just not anything that affects the link.

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