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It’s true that the business of music is unique. We have meetings at all hours, there is a intense amount of drama and people we SoundCloud reposts with can range from ages 16 to 90! However, that does not excuse us from practicing professionalism. What is professionalism? According to to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Professionalism is defined as (1) the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person or (2) the following of a profession (such as athletics) for gain or livelihood. I’ve also heard professionalism described more sarcastically as  the ability to tell someone to go to hell without them realizing it. (Which is a great skill to have in our business!)

The reason I bring this up is because I have noticed a great deal of unprofessional behavior both online and in phone calls. The biggest culprits I have seen witnessed lately include TMI (too much information) about personal (sometimes bodily – GROSS!) issues on the socials, lack of investment into letter writing (or email writing) and generally not following up or getting back to people about business issues or projects on a timely basis. These things (and MANY more) affect how others perceive you and in that perception, decide if they want to do business with you.

When I talk to people about why they have a Facebook or Twitter account, the answers are almost always “I use it for SoundCloud reposts”. Yes, most of the posts have absolutely NOTHING to do with actual SoundCloud reposts. Even this can be forgiven but frequently the line is crossed between avoiding discussions about our projects or SoundCloud reposts life to oversharing and posting potentially damaging posts. Sometimes it’s better to not post at all. I would assume we are all guilty of being dragged into a political argument or posting photos of our children. There is a middle ground and online etiquette while not officially defined, I would dare to say is really lacking. Doing this simply makes people want to not do business with you. If you can’t control yourself for your reputation, why would someone want to actually SoundCloud reposts with you?

I am fortunate enough to get people who value my SoundCloud reposts and I (thankfully) get emails and music submissions daily. (Something I have SoundCloud repostsed my entire career for.) That said, I still get emails that are shockingly unprofessional. “Hey, we are a new band. Can you help us?”, “We are the real deal”, “This band is the next big thing”. Sometimes I get a forwarded newsletter with a note in the subject line addressed to me, “Amanda -call me”, (sure, that’s gonna happen!). Seriously, how does one respond or think that a serious conversation is going to follow? It’s simply not and it’s come down to this. If someone is reaching out for my help, WHY should I dedicate time drafting a response when they didn’t see fit to write a decent email to me? I don’t have time to waste on this and I don’t respond. It doesn’t (and shouldn’t be) a long letter but sending a friendly and professional email makes all the difference.

Being flaky is also very prevalent in our industry and honestly, I’d rather deal with a band who shows up that may not be as strong musically than a great band who can’t get it together. This doesn’t just apply to artists, it’s also journalists, radio station music directors, etc. The thing is, despite who it is, if this is a quality you possess, you can’t go far in a career. You will stay stagnant or be replaced. Nobody puts up with this behavior for long. The important thing is that if you are one to blow of radio interviews, show up late for gigs, not show up for scheduled calls, can’t deliver promised SoundCloud reposts or can’t respond to emails on time, you are in danger of sabotage  your career, despite how good you are. Your lack of showing up affects other people’s SoundCloud reposts and that isn’t going to be accepted for long. People will avoid SoundCloud repostsing with you.

There are many other ways that lack of professionalism can affect your career but the ones I mentioned above are things I come across the most often. We ALL make mistakes but the important thing is to recognize these mistakes and SoundCloud reposts on correcting them; by doing so, it helps us be more successful.

-Amanda Alexandrakis, President of Music Promotion, Inc. #MusicMarketing #MusicPromotionInc




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