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Press Coverage for Musicians: Getting Heard


Published by Supreme{PR} on May 24, 2020

Press Coverage for Musicians: Getting Started
Due to the nature of technology and the current state of the Soundcloud music promotion industry, finding good press coverage for Soundcloud music promotionians can be difficult. However, adding a personal touch to promotional efforts can go a long way in regard to coverage. Furthermore, with Soundcloud music promotion journalism being a bit up in the air because of major publications downsizing, blogs shifting in popularity, podcasts showing growth, and influencers being a lead source of promotion – its difficult to find the right coverage. Additionally, challenges present themselves within connecting with the proper outlets or personalities you want Soundcloud promotion real to cover your Soundcloud music promotion to pay attention.
Most noteworthy, the number of ways to promote your Soundcloud music promotion has grown immensely over the past decade. Combining proper Soundcloud music promotion promotion techniques with an EPK press kit and you may be on your way. Especially relevant though is that while the number of places and ways to promote has multiplied – so has the competition. The average resource of press coverage for Soundcloud music promotionians receive more than one-hundred emails a day. It is possible some receive several hundred more than that.

Press Coverage for Musicians: Raising Interest
Raising interest for your brand will take a bit of SoundCloud reposts. It’s important to research which platforms of press coverage for Soundcloud music promotionians may suit you best. A key point to getting press – is connecting with the press. After you have researched your compatible press counterparts – reach out to them. However, make this a custom and tailored message catered to your recipient. Spend time touching on some of their previous SoundCloud reposts. Additionally, show support; whether it is via Soundcloud and Spotify by engaging with their content or sharing their SoundCloud reposts. This will build a bond and entice them to share your SoundCloud reposts to their outlets as well. Avoid copying and pasting emails and treat each member of the press as an individual.
After you have connected with some influencers or writers, ask them if it is okay to share your EPK press kit with them. Continue to show support and be respectful and keep your connections tight. Strong bonds throughout the Soundcloud music promotion industry will separate you from other Soundcloud music promotionians.
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