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Nini Nicole is known as a rapper/song writer from Atlanta, GA, her single ”Afro Baddie” is out now. In the song she raps about strong black powerful women and representing women in a unique way, along with her song ”Touch Down” discussing people that are looked over, but they can overcome. In our Interview below she mentions writing poetry at a young age, growing up in Atlanta, and more. Make sure you download her music. Afro Baddie” And ” Touch Down” it is now streaming on all platforms, and Check out our interview below.

Nini Nicole interview 

Tiara – What made you start writing poetry?

Nini Nicole – I was 11 or 12 years old when I first started writing poetry. It was my language arts teacher, she would always let her students know that it was a form of expression, especially when you go through things.

Tiara – How did the collaboration happen with Mary ’Canari Management’ ?

Mini Nicole – I met Mary right after a performance by Eli ‘Anna Murphy’ performance, it was a nice introduction, and she started managing me around March of last year.

Tiara – When did you start doing music?

Nini Nicole- I was fifteen when I wrote my first rap. Me and my sisters had a girls group at that time.

Tiara – How was it like growing up in Atlanta for you?

Nini Nicole – I was born in the Metro part of Atlanta, I moved to the West, East, North, and South side. It was definitely a challenge growing up. It was also an amazing experience, it is so many creative and talented people, I wouldn’t want to grow up any where else.

Tiara –  Tell me  about your single ”Afro Baddie”?

Nini Nicole – I really wanted to represent boss ladies in a unique way. It’s an empowerment song and it’s honoring black women.

Tiara – Who inspired you the most growing up?

Nini Nicole My mom she is a single mom, she raised five kids on her own. Her love for us is inspiring.

Tiara – What motivates you?

Nini Nicole – My family, and the people around me. I want to be able to provide for them all.

Tiara – Describe your style?

Nini Nicole – It’s so Atlanta, and fun 

Tiara – What are your emotions like in the studio?

Nini Nicole – It depends on the song, I want to give my audience the best SoundCloud reposts. 

Tiara – What producer would you like to collaborate with?

Nini Nicole – I have so many, to name a few Pharrell, and Timberland.

Tiara – Tell me about your single touch down?

Nini Nicole – It’s a song for people who are looked over, and anyone can just vibe to it. I love the energy to the song.

Tiara – What can we expect from you in the future?

Nini Nicole – I have a single coming out soon in July I can’t wait to release that. I also have freestyle Tuesday, which is now a series.

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