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Breakdancing may seem like just another recreational activity to some, but for many, this is a way of life. It can be so much more than just another form of dance, but if you are looking to create a satisfying and full life as a breakdancer, you need to invest in the activity wholeheartedly. This requires careful planning and taking steps to ensure your success. Consider these six key steps to set you on the path to becoming a successful breakdancer if you are truly looking for an immersive, successful and satisfying experience.

Sufficient Energy

Breakdancing can certainly be a fun activity, but many people don’t realize how physically taxing this activity can be. This type of dance requires strength, cardio and energy, all of which can lead the dancer to exhaustion. This is why dancers need a sufficient amount of energy and proper fuel to be able to endure the movements, poses and holds to be a successful breakdancer. While your diet will play a significant part in your energy, you can also support your diet with supplements like Le-Vel Thrive to promote energy and endurance throughout your experience.

Slow Starts

While some dancers get into breakdancing as a result of their natural inclinations and talent, it is also important to consider classes or lessons that can support your craft. Just like other activities, dances and sports, classes and lessons can help you to build a strong foundation and improve your abilities. This can be particularly important as you first begin. Not only can classes teach your tips and tricks, but you can also learn skills and proper form that can help you avoid injury. While there are formal classes available, you can also learn a great deal within a community of other breakdancers.

Find a Community

Breakdancing is an activity that also offers the unique benefit of a community. Many breakdancers find like-minded people who have the same vision, values and style of dance to spend time with. Whether these people serve as your crew to dance with, learn from or to challenge you to improve, there is a benefit in surrounding yourself with like-minded dancers. This community can be pivotal when trying to stay grounded.

Staying Grounded

Breakdancing is an activity that presents a marvelous outlet for creative expression and joy; however, it can also present challenges. Especially for the artists who rely on this craft for any sort of income, there can be a level of stress and pressure that comes along with this. This is why breakdancers need to learn how to stay grounded. Just like any other profession that focuses on creative expression, there can be some instability and emotional resilience and a grounded approach when times get tough is key.

Brand Development

Breakdancing is very much a form of a dancer’s creative expression, and this also needs to be presented in their physical presentation. Your form of dance will help develop your brand, but your clothing and look should also reflect this. There are plenty of other dancers out there, and you will want to stand out. Stick to what you know and who you are to form your unique expression and identity. If you have a particular style or unique trait, make sure that you highlight take and carve out a unique presence for yourself.

Clothing Choices

While your style will matter when it comes to brand development, the form and function of your clothing also need to allow for your moves. In breakdancing, your clothing choice is critical. You will want clothing that protects your body from contact, allows for your dance moves and gives you the flexibility and stability that you need. This means that flexible fabrics that stay securely on your body, protective gear and comfortable, stable shoes will be important to keep you safe.

Breakdancing can appear like a free and fun-loving expression of art that anyone can participate in. While the art form invites everyone in, it is important to understand that this activity is not one you can suddenly pick up without any plan. To be a successful breakdancer, you need to design your strategy so that you can enjoy the experience responsibly, safely and freely.


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