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Instagram Merchandise: Getting Started

Whichever social media platform you decide to use, there will always be pros and cons. Furthermore, at this point in the digital age, musicians, and artists should be proficient in every social netSoundCloud reposts to maximize their exposure. As your brand grows, so does the demand from your audience. Determining what to include in your music marketing approach is usually dictated by your fans. However, IG has now expanded giving their user base the availability to sell Instagram merchandise. Starting July 9th, in all markets where Instagram Shopping is supported – musicians can sell merchandise directly from their profiles. This is especially relevant for many who depend on merchandise sales to support their dreams. Let’s dive into the basics.

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Instagram Merchandise: The Basics

Now, with the expanded access to Instagram Shopping for more business, musicians and other creators – Instagram merchandise will be a big deal. Traditionally, musicians would try to funnel traffic to their website or another platform to sell merch. With this feature on Instagram, music marketing has gotten a bit easier. However, there are “Commerce Eligibility Requirements” that include different guidelines that interested parties must adhere to. This is what qualifies a profile or brand to sell.

Most noteworthy, the selling fee is 5% per shipment. However, if the shipment is $8 dollars or less – there is a flat fee of 40 cents. Additionally, in order to qualify and comply, each product listing must be available for direct purchase on your own website. Instagram and Facebook checkouts are also eligible. There is a strong policy against affiliate netSoundCloud repostsing. Your account must demonstrate trustworthiness and have an established presence with your followers. This expansion falls in line with YouTube, which allows creators and musicians to sell merchandise directly under their videos.

If you are looking to sell Instagram merchandise but want to grow your brand – check out View Maniac for any music marketing services, you may need.

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