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Simply relying on Organic SoundCloud Promotion alone won’t get you too far. Each social channel is a powerful marketing tool and you need more than one to build a solid following.

When developing your SoundCloud marketing strategy, you should know how to promote Soundcloud music promotion on SoundCloud and through social media. A good place to start is figuring out which social media channels cater best to your Soundcloud audience. Knowing who your fan personas are will help you build your brand, tell your story, and choose the right platforms.

Personas and Branding
Let’s look at two very different Soundcloud music promotionians, Beyonce and Jimmy Buffet. Both are very popular but have completely different Soundcloud music promotion, branding, and fanbases. Jimmy’s fans, “parrotheads” wouldn’t exactly fit into the same marketing strategy as Beyonce’s.

You first need to identify yourself. Your Soundcloud music promotion is a big part of that but so are your interests, passions, and beliefs. Your fans will identify with what you represent both Soundcloud music promotionally and personally.

Once you establish your identity, you then need to develop your brand. Are you a sex symbol? Are you funny and entertaining? Do you empower women? You should build your brand around this image in social media, artists you collaborate with, lifestyle, and the way you dress. Image is extremely important and being consistent is key.

Figure Out Your Target Audience for Organic SoundCloud Promotion
Which type of people will identify with your brand and Soundcloud music promotion? You should know who your fans are before you start to implement your SoundCloud promotion and social media strategy. Try giving your fans a persona.

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