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Concerts are something people look forward to because they’re a great experience from beginning to end. There’s nothing quite like finding your seat, enjoying snacks from the refreshment bar and jamming out to your favorite songs.
Sometimes it’s even better to go to an outdoor concert because of the fresh air and constant breeze. You may want to host one in the future to keep everyone comfortable, so check out a few tips to host an outdoor concert that rocks even more than the music!
1. Find Your Venue
An outdoor concert won’t need a traditional venue like an arena or theater, but you’ll still need a place to set everything up. Parks are great because they’re easy for guests to locate, so plan to contact your city hall and get the right permits to set up your event.
You may also know of a few empty acres on private property. The owner may be willing to rent the space for the day, depending on how they use the land and whether they’re cooperative.
2. Strategize Your Marketing Plan
No one will attend your concert if you don’t strategize and execute a marketing plan.
Figure out who your audience will be and where they’re they’re likely to encounter your ads, like social media or posters around town. Set a budget and watch your ad analytics so you can adapt your marketing moves to what works and what doesn’t as the concert date gets closer.
3. Figure Out the Stage
Every band or performer needs a stage at a concert. The stage’s appearance sets the tone of the venue, so spend time drafting stage ideas that will benefit both the performers and the attendees. Whether you go with a projection floor, moving structures or creative backdrops, the stage should support the show without taking away from the audience’s experience.
4. Rent a Generator
Indoor venues have the advantage of immediate access to electricity, but you’ll need to supply this another way in an outdoor space.
After you know what kind of budget you’re working with, find a reliable generator rental company that can provide as many generators as you need for the wattage your sound system requires. Bear in mind the differences between types of generators, like portable and tow-behind models. In addition to the sound equipment, they’ll power the lighting to keep the show going long into the night.
5. Get the Necessities
The people who attend your concert will need some amenities to have a good time. You can rent port-a-potties, set up refreshment stands and get extra trash receptacles to keep the place clean.
It may also be in your best interest to hire parking lot attendants and a security team for large, well-attended venues. These extra efforts will keep everyone safe and happy throughout the event and leave you with an excellent reputation for hosting entertaining concerts.
Plan Ahead of Time
Hosting anything takes time, but outdoor concerts are better if you take extra time to plan. Think about how you’ll power your lighting and sound equipment, where guests can use the restroom and where you want the concert to occur. These steps can make any concert an outstanding experience for the performers, the guests and even the hosts.


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