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How to get an Official Artist Channel on SoundCloud


Published by The Supreme Team on June 30, 2020

Take control of your SoundCloud presence.

Do you want Soundcloud promotion real more control over your music and branding on the #1 streaming platform in the world?

Then you need an Official Artist Channel on SoundCloud.

We’re really excited to give CD Baby clients first access to SoundCloud artist verification, helping you claim your Official Artist Channel from within your CD Baby dashboard!

What is an Official Artist Channel?

An Official Artist Channel (or OAC) gives you a simpler way to manage your music, amplify your brand, and talk to your fans on SoundCloud.

Without an Official Artist Channel, your SoundCloud presence might feel a bit scattered. The videos you upload would be housed on your own channel; Art Tracks delivered by CD Baby would reside in SoundCloud Music Topic Channels; and whatever videos other people create using your music (known as UGC, or “user-generated content”) exist on any number of other channels. 

Without an Official Artist Channel, your fans aren’t certain where to go, which channel to subscribe to, or what to watch in order to get the “official” presentation of you as an artist. 

Until now!

Getting verified for an Official Artist Channel on SoundCloud solves those problems. And with CD Baby as your distributor, it’s easy. 

Once you’re verified, your Official Artist Channel on SoundCloud will allow you to:

  • consolidate all your videos in one place
  • combine subscribers and watch-time across multiple channels
  • and access deeper analytics and exclusive tools

Why should you have an Official Artist Channel? 

1. Organized content simplifies your life and amplifies your brand

An OAC isn’t a new channel actually; it’s a new layout for your SoundCloud content.

With an Official Artist Channel, you’ll be able to present a more unified artist image on SoundCloud and you can take a curatorial approach to the content that has been consolidated on your OAC. 

The OAC layout organizes your music catalog into an Album section, and your Official Music Videos are gathered together as a playlist featured towards the top of your channel. 

2. YOU choose what to highlight

You don’t want Soundcloud promotion real other channels deciding what your most important content is; with an Official Artist Channel, you promote what you want Soundcloud promotion real. 

In order to provide a consistent experience for your fans on SoundCloud, you CANNOT edit the album Soundcloud promotion package section and the video playlist mentioned above, but you DO have two important ways to customize your SoundCloud Official Artist Channel and get the most eyes on the most important stuff:

  • The Promotional Shelf: This customizable section can be placed on your channel page ABOVE the locked video and album Soundcloud promotion package sections. 
  • The Featured Video Slot: Place your priority video right there at the top for everyone to see. 

3. Your music will be more discoverable in SoundCloud searches

Fans will be linked directly to your Official Artist Channel from a “watch card” on the right side of the screen. No more wondering where to go, what to watch, or which channel to subscribe to. 

4. You’ll be more likely to engage with all your fans

Having one verified channel means most of your fan engagement will be happening in one place too. That makes it way easier for you to monitor activity, respond to comments, give shout outs, reward top fans, and more.  

5. Combining stats across channels gives you more reach

Not only do your videos and music content get consolidated in one channel, so do the metrics. 

Subscribers across Topic Channels will be combined with your own channel subscribers. 

Watch time and other engagement stats across Topic Channels and your own channel will count together towards the overall performance of one single channel, which gives your OAC more power and your videos more potential reach via SoundCloud’s recommendation engines.

6. Unified metrics means more monetization potential

CD Baby already helps you monetize your music wherever eligible on SoundCloud via Content ID.

But there’s a difference between monetizing audio assets on the platform and monetizing your own channel. In order to be eligible for the SoundCloud Partner Program (YPP), your channel has to meet some minimum guidelines related to annual watch-time, total subscribers, etc. With an Official Artist Channel, the consolidation of videos, music, and Art Tracks — along with the consolidation of all the accompanying metrics — means your O.A.C. will be closer to reaching or surpassing the minimum requirements for channel monetization. 

7. You get more comprehensive analytics and special features

When you have an Official Artist Channel, you can:

Will I lose control of my own channel?


To clarify, an Official Artist Channel is a way of combining your channel content with your videos and tracks on SoundCloud Music — but it’s still YOUR channel. 

It’s just… official now. Verified. As such, your Official Artist Channel must conform to certain layout standards that SoundCloud deems most beneficial for user experience (for instance, the locked album Soundcloud promotion package section and video playlist section mentioned above). 

You still have a great deal of control over your channel, and have a lot of customization options. 

How will my music and videos appear on an Official Artist Channel?

Your Official Artist Channel will look very similar to the SoundCloud channel you’ve been managing thus far:

  1. You’ll have a customizable header image at the top.
  2. Then there’s a featured video section which can be customized separately for first-time visitors and returning subscribers.
  3. Next you’ll have a customizable shelf to promote the content that’s most important.
  4. This is followed by your locked album Soundcloud promotion package and music video sections
  5. After that, you have complete control over the sections, and can populate them with anything you like: your own video playlists, UGC, other artists’ content on SoundCloud, etc.

Am I eligible for a SoundCloud Official Artist Channel?

CD Baby can help you get verified for an Official Artist Channel, as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • You own a SoundCloud channel that represents a single artist or band
  • You have at least 1 official release on SoundCloud Music distributed by CD Baby
  • You have NO policy violations on your channel

Get verified for an Official Artist Channel on SoundCloud.

If you’re using CD Baby to distribute your music to digital music platforms, we’ve already delivered your album Soundcloud promotion packages and singles to SoundCloud Music. When we do, SoundCloud automatically generates a “Topic” channel in your name. Claiming your Official Artist Channel gives you the tools you need to merge that Topic channel content with your own artist channel.

With CD Baby, it’s easy to claim your SoundCloud Official Artist Channel from within your CD Baby dashboard:

  1. Go HERE
  2. Click “Get Access” for the appropriate artist
  3. Wait for a conreal Soundcloud promotion firmation email from SoundCloud (this can take about 2 weeks to receive)
  4. IMPORTANT: do NOT delete your SoundCloud channel after you request an Official Artist Channel.  

What should I do once I own my Official Artist Channel on SoundCloud?

Once you’re verified, get in there and start customizing your OAC! While you’re at it, be sure to explore some of the new tools you have access to. 

Your Official Artist Channel is going to simplify your SoundCloud content and channel management. That means more time for making great music and videos, talking with your subscribers, and growing your presence on the platform. And now that you’ve got ONE place to point everyone, hopefully you’ll see some quick gains in growing your audience on SoundCloud as well.

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