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Your favorite musicians or bands may spend weeks or months recording in a studio, but most artists enjoy performing live for their fans more than their recording sessions. Live music is unedited and unpredictable; the musicians and the fans never know what to expect. Although numerous live concerts occur around the world, the events require long hours of planning and a massive workforce. The following section examines the steps event planners take to pull off a successful concert.


Audience Targeting

Before a venue is selected, organizers determine the appropriate audience demographic to target. If a band has mostly young fans, you should avoid planning a show in an area with an aging population like a retirement community. Targeting the audience is essential because it will have a significant effect on ticket sales. If you promote an event in a location that isn’t interested in the band, the ticket sales are not likely to generate enough profits to cover a budget.


Venue Selection

Whether the show is performed in a large amphitheater or a small club, planners must examine the local laws in the area. Noise ordinances and alcohol regulations may limit your choices of venues for a particular event. Before finalizing an event, organizers must coordinate with local officials to ensure the concert will not run into legal issues. Another issue to consider is the venue’s capacity. The location should be able to accommodate a specific number or attendees safely, and it must be able to provide an uninterruptible power supply for the musicians. Amplifiers, lights, and special effects require a considerable amount of energy to run, and organizers must ensure that the venue can handle the power requirements.



Organizers initiate fundraising campaigns several months before the scheduled event. For large events, the fundraising may begin a year prior to the concert. Record companies used to fund the tours of its performers, but the industry is no longer dependent on large corporations, and many artists must find alternative ways of funding their shows. Social media events are an excellent way to find fundraisers, and often, the fans of musicians contribute to the fundraising effort. After the fundraising for an event ends, the event planner can develop a final budget and begin promoting the show.



Promoting concerts has changed drastically in the last twenty years. In some ways, it has become easier. Flyers and pamphlets passed out by volunteers are less common, but digital promotion is becoming the dominant way to reach an audience. Band websites and social media marketing play a larger role in promotion, and promoters can complete most of their work with a computer. Although organizers have to spend less time running around to promote an act, they must find more creative ways to draw in an audience. Since online marketing has become commonplace, promoters must stand out from the competition.


Logistic Planning

Depending on the size of the event, logistic planning can play a major role in an event’s success. The logistics of the musicians’ equipment, food, transportation, security and boarding must be finalized several months before the event. The event planner must also organize the venue to provide for a massive crowd of concertgoers. The entrances, exits, security measures, and vending of the site should be determined to allow for a safe and entertaining show.



Although the artists provide the music for the performance, the organizers must monitor the lighting, special effects, and recording of the show. If there is a problem during the concert, the event staff must act quickly to find a solution and maintain the safety of the artists and the audience.


Post-Concert Promotions

After the show ends, event planners may provide fans with video and audio clips of the concert. Promoting the act after the show is intended to keep fans interested in the artists, and it helps promote future concert dates. Some bands offer free gifts to concertgoers and keep them updated with blogs and emails.

Planning a live concert can be a massive undertaking and requires a talented staff who are willing to work long hours to create an unforgettable experience.


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