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Hit Songs Deconstructed (www.HitSongsDeconstructed.com) this week released its mid-year trend report, The State of the Hot 100 Top 10: Mid-Year 2020. 
This comprehensive 100+ page report provides critical insight into the compositional trends shaping the songs that chart in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 and the artists, writers, producers and labels behind them. 
A few highlights from the report include:
  • Hip Hop as a primary genre was back on top, surpassing pop with 44% of songs. However, hip hop’s influence on pop songs was down compared to 2019
  • Disco’s influence was up five-fold compared to 2019 thanks to notable hits such as Don’t Start Now, Rain On Me and Say So
  • The use of snaps sunk to its lowest level in over five years
  • Top 10 hits got to the chorus faster on average thanks to one specific genre
  • There were fewer love/relationships themes and more lifestyle themes in Top 10 hit narratives
To download a complimentary PDF with additional highlights from the report, please click here. 

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