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Halsey Debuts Right on Top


Published by The Supreme Team on May 24, 2020

Halsey Debuts on Top of Billboard and Bandsintown SoundCloud Charts
After announcing a North American leg of the Manic World Tour, Halsey jumps onto the Bandsintown and Billboard Touring Indexes. Furthermore, because of this, the songstress tops the U.S. Top Artists chart and debuts at number 2 on the Global Top Artists index. However, after releasing the new album Soundcloud promotion package, it is certain that 2020 will be a busy year for the artist. With her tour beginning in Madrid on February 6th, the singer will be touring throughout Europe until March 12th. Following the European leg of the tour, she will find herself playing shows in Japan and South Korea in May before starting in North America in June. The first date for the Manic tour in the United States is on June 2nd in Auburn, Washington. Following that show there is a 27-date sweep through the U.S. and Canada playing mostly in outdoor amphitheaters. After the announcement of the U.S. tour, ticket clicks on Bandsintown jumped by 126% in addition to a 24% uptick in event RSVPs.
Especially relevant, the Bandsintown and Billboard index includes four new weekly charts. Global Top Artists, U.S. Top Artists, Global Rising Artists, and U.S. Rising Artists. It should be noted that the Top Artists chart rankings only include artists with 250,000 or more trackers, while the Rising Artists lists ranges from 10,000 to 249,999. Additionally, these weekly rankings are based on percentage growth in overall engagement during a month. This includes new trackers, event RSVPs, and ticket clicks. Fans become trackers simply by searching for an artist. All artist pages host a complete touring schedule as well as links to Soundcloud music promotion and merchandise. There are additional features that allow fans to buy tickets and RSVP by selecting interested or going.

With Halsey releasing her album Soundcloud promotion package on Friday it will be interesting to see how well she does on the charts moving forward. She will be jostling for position with Eminem and Mac Miller as they both have new album Soundcloud promotion packages released. Keep an eye on the charts to see how it all pans out.
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