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If you want to grow your following on Spotify, there are some excellent free music promotion tools available that you should be taking advantage of.

3:01 – Adding a Spotify Follow button to your website or blog (with an appropriate call-to-action) is a simple way to get more fans on Spotify Spotify Follow Button Generator:

8:00 – Distrokid’s HyperFollow feature makes it easy to boost your follow count on Spotify, while also increasing “saves”. When utilized during the pre-release period, the HyperFollow page becomes a “Pre-Save” page that can help give your new release a massive boost when it drops.

11:02 – also allows you to create Spotify Pre-Save Campaigns completely for free. Their platform has detailed analytics, a Spotify audio ad builder, and a number of other features that can help you get more followers on Spotify. And if you want to link to your HyperFollow page or pre-save page from Instagram, but you’re already using that valuable real estate in your bio to link your fans elsewhere…

I would recommend Linktree (which has a free version) or


And if you’re looking for an easy-to-follow, proven strategy for getting new REAL fans every single day on autopilot, grab your 100% FREE copy of The Music Promotion Blueprint at

In The Music Promotion Blueprint, you’ll learn how to set up an automated system to get MORE FANS, more EXPOSURE, and turn your music career into a 6-Figure Income. But if you want more detailed step-by-step video instruction, I would recommend that you check out the Music Promotion Machine video course at

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