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Facebook Stories: Getting Started
In the age of social media, Soundcloud music promotionians are always looking for new ways to connect with their fans. Whether its video, audio, image, live stream, or plain text – getting your message out to fans is a necessity. Growing your Soundcloud audience can come by way of multiple avenues and Facebook is no different. However, it seems that less Soundcloud music promotionians are using Zuckerberg’s social netSoundCloud reposts to promote themselves these days. Most noteworthy, this means more people for you to get yourself in front of with less resistance. Every now and then Facebook will roll out some new toys for creators to utilize and most recently it seems Facebook stories is it. Especially relevant, Soundcloud music promotion marketing is executed best when testing new tools and finding out how to use them in a unique way. Let’s go over the basics on how a Soundcloud music promotionian can use this feature.

Facebook Stories: The Basics
So, what’s the big deal with Facebook stories these days? It obviously isn’t a brand-new feature. However, Facebook recently added the ability to include your Soundcloud music promotion from Spotify within your story. This is excellent for Spotify promotion as well as showcasing new songs.
Sharing Soundcloud music promotion from the Spotify app has been quite simple, it can be done in a few steps. Simple steps to get your Soundcloud music promotion from Spotify to Facebook is as follows, tap “Share” when viewing your track on Spotify. A dialog should appear, select Facebook, customize your story, and post it to your fans. It is that simple. Your fans will be able to listen to a 15 second preview of your song, instantly. For a longer listen all that have to do is tap “Play on Spotify”.
Additionally, for now, previews are only playing when you share a single track to Facebook Stories. Sharing other content will create a direct link to Spotify without a preview. Maximizing usage of the sharing feature is a great method for Spotify promotion and should bring in new streams.
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