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Geo Moon is a D.I.Y. Artist and Music Producer with 15 years of experience. Greek in origin and nomad regarding his citizenship. ”I like to see my myself as a citizen of the world” (his words).

The lyrical content of his work discusses topics such as esoterism, spiritualism, the journey within one’s self and awakening. Geo says: ”The result of individual awakening can lead to collective awakening”. It’s up to every individual to start questioning information available and the things we ‘’know’’ from our experience in order to open our eyes and help others to do so.

Having three Studio Albums and followed by an electrified Rock single (Bring it On), Geo is coming back with a new and autobiographic song on 7th of August (We Vibe). His first three albums: 12 Years of Patience, Prior to the Forest and Collaboration Project belong to the Alt-Rock/Rap Metal/Nu Metal/Alt Metal genre drawing influences from Artists including: Korn, Linking Park, Limp Bizkit, Karnivool, Papa Roach, 30 Seconds to Mars and Metallica. However, his previous single (Bring it On) revealed a swift of direction towards a more industrial and electronic sound followed by ‘’We Vibe’’ which continues carving the path.

Geo took time from his recording schedule to answer some questions for us:

Tell us about GeoMoon. Who are you, as an artist, and also as a “citizen of the world?”

I’m the D.I.Y. type of artist who likes to be independent and be able to create recordings without external help. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and started my journey with guitar at the age of 15. Fortunately, I’m a music producer and that enables me to create a recording from scratch in my personal studio. The term ‘’citizen of the world’’ refers to my tendency to move to places every now and then as I tend to get bored easily and always looking for new adventures. At the minute I’m based in London (UK) and my plan is to move to Los Angeles.

You write about some pretty deep topics: esoterism, spiritualism, the journey within one’s self and awakening. How did you become interested in these topics? How has your audience responded to your lyrical content?

I believe that I’m an ancient soul who is looking to meet his higher self through this human form. I always had an interest for the 5th dimensional creation despite being stuck in the third at the minute 😊
I believe that the external world is just a reflection of what we carry inside and is up to the individual to dig deep inside to discover their purpose. There are no answers out there rather than things we can experience through our senses. Some of my fans relate to the lyrical content while others just enjoy the energetic music.

Your first three studio albums are in the Alt-Rock/Rap Metal/Nu Metal/Alt Metal genre. However, your upcoming August 7th single release, “We Vibe” takes on a much more electronic/industrial feel. What brought about the change in direction? What acts are you being influenced by these days?

My Influences haven’t changed however they have been broadened. I’ve started a master course in Electronic music composition in order to discover the beauty of this genre and it had a huge impact on the way I create music from now on.

Tell us about “We Vibe,” the writing process, the recording process, what you hope your fans will get from listening to it.

The lyrical context for ‘We Vibe’’ is slightly different than the rest of my works. I’ve decided to touch a common and very relatable topic of unfulfilled love. I’m sure many people have experienced it across the course of their lives. It is also autobiographical. The recording happened all in my personal studio as mentioned above. I usually like to start with a guitar or piano riff and build on it. I usually leave the lyrics for the end.

What’s next for GeoMoon? What can music fans expect for the rest of 2020 from you?

Expect a 2d animation video for ‘’we Vibe’’ a few days after the official release of the audio form and a new single every 5-6 weeks. Next one is coming around 7-15 of September.

Geo is spending limitless hours in his personal studio working on more new songs and promises to take you on a mystical journey with his upcoming releases in 2020.

Pre-save “We Vibe” at https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/geomoon/we-vibe-2

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