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Nick Dent’s 2020 was shaping up to be his best year yet in the Entertainment Industry. Getting cast as a lead role in the Broadway hit Play coming to Portland Oregon “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man” as well as a Major supporting role in the film “The 211 Home” as Stanley the Dad of the 13 year old star of the film. But as you know Corona Virus has hit the world, all has been postponed. Fear not though the film is starting production in September. The plays new dates are yet to be determined. But Nick being Nick, he was able to bust out a new some during the pandemic. “Biceps” a fun 80’s inspired workout song, it even comes with a cartoon Music Video on Youtube.com. Check it out on Spotify today or on NickDent.US

So, you’re both an actor and musician. Which did you start first, and if you could only do one, which would it be and why?
As a kid I dabbled in both playing the guitar and makings films with the giant VHS camera. I’ve definitely been trying much harder at acting and film, as a matter of fact I just turned my garage into a green screen. The music I feel is a extension of my acting and entertainment career. I need to be able to carry a tune if called upon to do so for a role. I am how ever working on some new songs and maybe even a full album here soon. I know Jared Leto can do both very well. I’m a ways away from being someone that good, but I try really hard and put my all into my projects.

Tell us about your new single, “Biceps.” How did you come up with the concept of the song, and how was it recorded?
I think I came up with it while driving to go dance at a Bachlorette party up in Portland. The long drives to stripping gigs gives me time to listen to music and come up with song ideas. I have pages and pages of notes on songs ideas and licks. I found a song I was inspired by, “Push It” by Salt N Pepper Then I got a guy in Romania to lay down the beat for me. Next I listened to it for a couple months while driving to dance for work. After that one night I was drunk and recored all the vocals in one take. Then I contacted a couple producers I know in LA who Ive worked with before on some of Bryan Hawn’s music videos, Wii Dope mix and mastered it for me and the rest is history.

It’s got a very cool animated cartoon video. How was that produced?
My ideal music video was going to be a few of my buff friends and I in a gym with hot girls around us, but since the corona virus came into play I was not able to do that. So I commissioned an artist to create the cartoon music video for me remotely. Now I’m on to the next song.

Tell us about your upcoming movie, “The 211 Home.” What role do you play? How did you get the part? When can we expect it to hit the theaters?
So I’m so excited about the “The 211 Home” It is produced and written by Jim Huggins a local film mogul. It’s crazy how all these years I’ve been applying for rolls in Los Angels, New York, and Portland. But the best roll I’ve got so far came from a production company I did not know was 4 miles from my house. It’s just mind boggling how the universe works some times, or should I say “all the time”. The role I got is for Daniel’s Dad, I’m on a NDA so I can’t say much more than that. Please see the Poster and Synopsis at NewShepardFilms.com. I got the audition through Jeff Schneider, we knew of each other for a while but lost touch and didn’t know we were still grinding away at indie films. The wife also worked with Jeff for a bit, so we were in the grocery store shopping one night and Becky my wife recognized Jeff. So we stopped and said hi as he brought up that he is working on some films my eye’s LIT UP! fats forward a few months and I did three call backs working with different actresses to fight for the role. When I got the phone call that the role was mine, I knew all the training Ive been doing has paid off. As far as a theater release, I’m not sure since it’s independent. The script itself has already won some awards and the poster key art has too. The DVD release will have to be for Christmas 2021, it will be streamable online before then. There last film they had on the selves of Walmart within two months, so this is a no nonsense company I’m proud to be apart of.

How has COVID 19 affected you, both personally and professionally? I’m mostly at home anyways so in that regard not too different. I have lost a lot of LA gigs I was supposed to be doing once a month and all my dancing gigs have been non existent, so that was a big hit. Plus I was supposed to be in a play that was on Broadway for 4-5 years, it was coming to Portland “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man” as of now there is no word on when the play will happen.


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