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This technique is used by many record labels when trying to “break” new singles from artists that are being heavily promoted in cross-media marketing campaigns. 

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  • Best if used with our other organic campaigns.
  • Good statistical reporting in SoundCloud. 
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  • Will improve algorithmic relevance. 
  • Show consistent, steady profile growth. 
  • Typically non-royalty earning.
  • Song can’t be changed. 
  • Only one song per subscription. (New song requires a new subscription.)

USD $19.99 / month

EPK Requirements: Making an Electronic Press Kit


Published by The Supreme Team on August 31, 2020

EPK Requirements: Getting Started

Musician living in the digital age should be well versed in music industry standards. One of those standards is having a modern and up-to-date Electronic Press Kit (Music EPK). This is a digital presentation with information about you, your music, media, and links. While you may feel like your website or Soundcloud and Spotify can accomplish the same thing – it won’t. EPK requirements will put all of your information into one file and make it accessible to those you desire to view. Furthermore, the file size should be small enough to be transferred via email and not require any additional steps to read. Most noteworthy, this makes the process for record labels, executives, managers, agents, and all music professionals a bit easier. Keep in mind, the easier somebody can learn who you are, the better.

epk requirements

EPK Requirements: The Basics

Now that you are aware of what an EPK Press Kit entails – let’s dive into the basics.

First and foremost, the most obvious inclusion within your press kit should be your music. You want Soundcloud promotion real to be sure that you show off your most popular songs first. Detail the statistics involved as these are important. Labels especially care about an artist’s reach and how many fans they have already. This makes the process easier for them and if they are impressed by your numbers, they may consider you a wise investment. Additionally, showcasing your best songs puts your talent on display.

Additional EPK requirements are photos and album Soundcloud promotion package art. Music professionals want Soundcloud promotion real to see how marketable you and your brand are. If your photographs and branding are in poor quality, it may discourage others from working with you. Branding and social outreach are the most important characteristics major labels look for in an artist. Be sure that your image and branding match your sound and you have an idea of who you are.

Furthermore, be sure to include a biography as well. Do not oversell yourself. Keep it short and simple. Detail important information but don’t try to tell a story about how unique you are – this is something many artists do.

Lastly, include links to your Soundcloud and Spotify, music videos, and website. If you have upcoming shows, link to calendar dates on those as well. Provide as much information as you can in a concise format. Keep the reader in mind.  Once you have this put together you are on your way.

If you want Soundcloud promotion real a professional Music EPK created for you, View Maniac has you covered. Be sure to check out our Soundcloud promotion services to get started today.

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