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Dropping Music: Getting Started

As every experienced musician has come to find out, there is a method to the madness of putting out new music. Furthermore, dropping music at the right time can be crucial for the engagement it will receive. Building anticipation creates a buzz and gets fans excited about what is to come. However, it is especially relevant to keep your cards close to your chest as you are planning your release. Revealing just enough about the new song will hold interest. On the flip side, showing off too much may discourage fans from looking forward to what is to come. Let’s go over some basic tips on how to build anticipation for your next release.

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Dropping Music: The Basics

There can not be too much emphasis on strategizing a music release. Creating an outline and plan for each release will ensure that you have your bases covered and that you can expect the best results possible for your music. Delivering fresh and eye-catching content directly to your fans via social media is a great start. However, what kind of content should you be putting out when dropping music?

First and foremost, a pre-release countdown is a great start. By showing off a countdown video it builds anticipation for your fans. They will see the countdown and be excited that something new is on the way. This promotes engagement and likely stats the conversation between many fans in your audience. Show off just enough of the song or video that it creates a buzz and leaves listeners desiring more.

Furthermore, utilizing a 5-day release strategy for your new single, album or EP allows just enough time to excite the listeners. It is a short time frame so they won’t be waiting too long that there will be no disregarding. After the release of your pre-release countdown, you should be flooding your social media profiles with high quality graphics, audio visualizers, and trailers for your next release.

For any additional help with strategies for dropping music, be sure to check out View Maniac.

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